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Last week, the nation stopped to shed a tear of joy as every single right-minded American watched the Star Wars: Episode VII trailer after it was unveiled at the mammoth Star Wars Celebration event in Anaheim. For those few seconds, the national level of cynicism dropped by, according to some scientists, as much as 80% as people for one fleeting moment began to believe in things again.

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by Don Winsor | Thursday, April 16 | Posted in View

Since returning to Wichita in November, I've heard every stripe of complaint about Wichita. "There's nothing to do." Not true. "I like ___, but around here the ______ is mostly horrible so I don't go." Well, keep trying.

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The one thing that people know about beavers is that we like to build dams. But no one wants to be defined by his job. And beavers don't want to just build dams. We want to build dreams.

Last week, as you may know, I initiated my own re-introduction program by releasing myself from the Kansas Wildlife Exhibit in Central Riverside Park.

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by Bill Jenkins | Thursday, April 9 | Posted in View

The crisis is over! Disaster is averted! The sun will come up tomorrow! Gregg Marshall has agreed to stay in Wichita. For the paltry sum of $3.3 million per year, the Shocker coach will stay for seven more years. Or until the next time he is courted and someone throws even bigger money at him.

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by Don Winsor | Thursday, April 9 | Posted in View

Wichita's surfing community knows, more than most, how to deal with disappointment. While surfers in other areas enjoy tremendous swells and world-record breaking runs on famed beaches, Wichita is in Kansas and is entirely landlocked and has not seen any waves whatsoever during any point in human history. However, Jim Wilkerson, president of the Wichita Surfing Association, has big plans for the future of the sport in the city.

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by Bill Jenkins | Thursday, April 2 | Posted in View

I have never been so alienated from city politics. This year's mayoral race seems to offer no really good choices and neither does the marijuana referendum. I'd just stay home, but that runs against my nature as well. I just don't know what to do.

The mayoral race this year seems to be one of the dirtiest and least enlightening in recent memory. Bill Warren injecting himself into the middle of the race didn't help much either.

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by Don Winsor | Thursday, April 2 | Posted in View

The Kansas Legislature is currently debating new legislation which its proponents say will protect the beliefs and rights of every citizen. While somewhat controversial, Kansas' proposal has met with far less criticism than similar measures debated and even passed in other states. The Kansas bill stops short of bigotry, however. Kansas' Freedom From Assholes Act, or FFAA for short, would explicitly prevent business owners from being penalized for refusing to allow douchebags to give them money for their goods and services.

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by Mike Marlett | Friday, March 27 | Posted in View

For many, the highlight of the KU/WSU game at the NCAA tournament was when the cameras trained on Gov. Sam Brownback and the crowd just booed.

Some have suggested that it was because he was wearing a KU/WSU T-shirt and showing no favorite team. These people would be wrong. He was booed because he's the leading asshole in the state.

Brownback's garb for the afternoon was a pink button-down shirt. The commemorative T-shirt hastily pulled down on top of it was sold at the game and was actually extremely popular with the crowd.

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by Don Winsor | Friday, March 27 | Posted in View

It's time for the greatest holiday on the calendar, other than Halloween. And my birthday. And Black Friday. Next Wednesday is the celebration of April Fool's, the day when we punish the gullible for being stupid enough to trust people. That's right! Take that, faith in humanity! Ha! Pie in the face! I'm very excited.

"But Don," some of you say, "I'm just not creative enough to come up with an effective April Fool on my own. What can I do to toy with the trust of my loved ones?"

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by Bill Jenkins | Friday, March 27 | Posted in View

What a weekend! The Shockers are going to the Sweet Sixteen. The haughty Hawks have been given their come-uppance. There IS justice in the universe. I should be so proud. But I'm not.

I have lived in Wichita since 1967 and in the area all my life. My friends of long standing are rabid Shocker fans. Their wardrobes are built around black and gold. They contribute money, buy season tickets and give WuShock themed gifts at the holidays. Why can't I feel their joy, get into the general madness and learn to Play Angry?

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Yes, we really asked the mayoral candidates these questions — and they answered.

by Don Winsor | Thursday, March 19 | Posted in View

Shortly after the mayoral primary, in which we're sure you voted because you're all intelligent people, we contacted the camps of each of the candidates for mayor going forward. Jeff Longwell and Sam Williams gamely agreed to answer whatever questions we chose to throw at them, and we took full advantage of that. What follows are our questions and the responses; after reading this you will know all you need to in order to make your decision at the ballot box.

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by Bill Jenkins | Thursday, March 19 | Posted in View

I'd much rather be talking about Israel or the NCAA regional in Omaha this weekend, but I started to tell about my experiences going to the march on Selma 50 years ago, so I had better finish the job. At the end of last week's article, I had been one of about 40 people arrested marching around the Alabama State Capitol building on March 19, 1965.

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by Bill Jenkins | Thursday, March 12 | Posted in View

All the network coverage of President Obama's speech at the Edmund Pettis Bridge in Selma, Alabama this week, 50 years after the brutal Bloody Sunday there, set my mind spinning back to that period in my life.

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by Don Winsor | Thursday, March 12 | Posted in View

St. Patrick's Day is a multifold holiday when we celebrate not only the contributions of persons named Patrick, but those of famous drinkers as well. Some of our most beloved fictional characters celebrate the comical upside of drunkeness — Shakespeare's Falstaff, Victor Borge's stage persona, Dudley Moore's irascible scamp Arthur and, of course, Lindsay Lohan. On St. Patrick's Day, we celebrate them and all those who can manage their drink with aplomb and complete disregard the fact that you may have a very serious problem.

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by Don Winsor | Thursday, March 5 | Posted in View

The Westboro Baptist Church this week failed to protest the funeral of Leonard Nimoy when they were simply unable to find it. The Nimoy family elected to mourn in private, and thus the attention-whoring hatemongers from Topeka were trumped and unable to piss off millions of Trekkers and others inspired by the late actor's life and work. In the spirit of the recent piece Fifty Shades of Grey, which began as a piece of fan fiction*, I now offer you my first and perhaps only foray into the frightening world of fan fiction.

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by Bill Jenkins | Thursday, March 5 | Posted in View

Hurrah for Walmart! I never thought I would be saying that since I have been a Walmart hater for decades. I don't like it. I don't shop there (unless it is an emergency trip to the one in Winfield for a piece or two of camping gear that is urgently needed) and I don't encourage others to shop there either.

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by Joyland Louie | Thursday, February 26 | Posted in View

When people ask about my story, I can't help but wonder why they're so interested. My story is one you've heard a thousand times — born in 1910, grew up poor, one day swindled a bayou witch out of some of her moonshine, cursed by said witch and turned into mechanical clown, bought at a trade show in the '50s, shackled to an outdoor organ and forced to play for half a century before being abducted and held in bondage in the basement of a child molester. I'm not special.

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Right-wing host Joseph Ashby of KQAM radio recently said that Wichita doesn't need a new library, or any public library, because it has the internet. He used his own child tapping away on the computer at home as a good example why the Wichita City Council should do away with libraries.

He went on next to complain that the downtown facility is being used to house homeless men and that keeping it around was a waste of taxpayer dollars.

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by Bill Jenkins | Thursday, February 19 | Posted in View

Whoa, Nellie. Who are those yahoos and who sent them to Topeka to run our state? The Kansas Legislature is, in many of its actions, certifiably bat-crap crazy. Do these folks represent the people of the state or are they sleepers, seeming reasonable enough to win in a district with no Democratic candidate, until they get to the capital?

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There is no language filter on this column. Please avert your sensitive eyes.

by Don Winsor | Thursday, February 19 | Posted in View

Dear Dick, (Can I call you Dick? Great.)

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