by Kate Clause | Thursday, March 5 | Posted in Music

Thursday, Feb. 26, while most of Wichita was huddled under blankets with hot water bottles, thousands of folks braved the cold and trudged into Intrust Bank Arena to catch indie bluegrass/folk darlings the Avett Brothers.

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by Jorts McDude | Thursday, February 26 | Posted in Music

First off, I'm 37 and was in high school when the Gin Blossoms hit their peak with the insanely good New Miserable Experience, a 45 minute jangle pop juggernaut whose multiplatinum status led to such absolutely unavoidable hits as "Hey Jealousy," "Allison Road," "Until I Fall Away" and "Found Out About You" was released.

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Thursday, February 26 | Posted in Music

The Vehicles are a Wichita-based rock band formed in 2005 with founding members Kerry Bainum and Cody Cloud.

The band has released three studio albums — Luna, Satchels & Beards and This Bluebird Wants Me Dead. The latest album was released on vinyl and includes a digital download. All the music is available on iTunes, Amazon and CDbaby.

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Painting a cinematic landscape, Native Lights kicks off their newest release March 3.

by Torin Andersen | Thursday, February 26 | Posted in Music

Featuring the image of a woman's posterior on the cover, Native Lights' self-titled release starts with guttural guitar riffage set to explode. Complimenting the other shadowed, looming, image of an elephant in the background of the album cover, the first track, "Black Wall Street," hints at the vast sonic breadth this Tulsa band attempts to ascend toward.

It doesn't move like a rocketship but instead like a breezy, all-day drive across the plains with the top down. Native Lights should be enjoyed with more than a friend or two on a journey — no destination required.

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by Kate Clause | Thursday, February 19 | Posted in Music

Banjo lovers, celebrate! Folkies rejoice! The Avett Brothers will be in Wichita to rock the Intrust Bank Arena on Thursday, Feb. 26.

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by Torin Andersen | Thursday, February 19 | Posted in Music

Starting out with a Lawrence Welk-style organ, Fatso consumes its auditory environment with stereo-phasing vocals augmented from tiny-animal choirs to robot-alien roars which morph into synth pads all the way back to human anthemic chanting that is supported by electric guitar.

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by Torin Andersen | Wednesday, February 11 | Posted in Music

With a day of spring-like weather and a close-out from the Shockers next door, Kirby's Beer Store hosted three young women ready to enchant an already beaming crowd on Saturday, Feb. 7.

The door was wide open, and many patrons were in front of the bar and on the back patio, while the warm yellow glow of this venue's interior attracted music lovers to imbibe like pigs on clover. Meager in size but not cramped, this venue is ideal for exploring the often vulnerable audible delicacies that Jenny Wood and Maria Elena are eager to share.

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by Torin Andersen | Thursday, February 5 | Posted in Music

Girls night this week will be driven by melody produced from some of Wichita's premier independent original songwriters and performers. Kirby's will be hosting three women — Annie Adams, Maria Elena and Jenny Wood — who are no stranger to this hole-in-the-wall just south of the WSU campus at 17th and Holyoke.

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by Torin Andersen | Thursday, January 22 | Posted in Music

Floating in like a traveler upon a snowflake, Treehugger, is subtle despite its impressive line-up of contributing artists.

The album is 2015's newest release from Francis Moss on Air House Records.

Sticking with the now-familiar use of classical guitar for the majority of the instrumentation on Treehugger, guitarist and composer David Lord (a.k.a. Francis Moss) has crafted a patient, confident and prepared pulse that maintains throughout the 11 song, almost-20-minute-long release.

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by Torin Andersen | Thursday, January 8 | Posted in Music

Starting slow and creeping, waiting over 90 seconds to drop the first hint of a beat, Cleme is approaching electronic dance music as a means to produce art. EDM (electronic dance music) has long been just a vehicle to fill clubs with loads of thirsty dancers, but Cleme aims to expand the genre's horizon.

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Wait, wait….No….New bands…. Band names tough to remember.

by Torin Andersen | Thursday, January 8 | Posted in Music

A new quartet played Lucky's Everyday, just east of Old Town, the Friday after Christmas — and it brought the hammer.

Not so different sounding from Motorhead and the Misfits, Divorce Corpse brought straight heavy rock 'n' roll with a generous amount of low end. Situated about six people back, it was hard to hear the guitars and too much work to muscle my way up front in the shoebox-shaped bar filled to the brim with many local musicians in the crowd having returned home from their new locales.

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Sick/Sea, Abandon Kansas and Travel Guide put on an all ages show at Rock Island Live.

by Torin Andersen | Wednesday, January 7 | Posted in Music

Sick/Sea and Abandon Kansas will headline an all-ages show at Rock Island Live, 101 N. Rock Island, on Thursday, Feb. 20, with Travel Guide leading the way.

Sick/Sea — from McAllen, Texas — is a trio consisting of siblings Audrey and Cameron Scott with friend/bass-player Jonathan Garza.

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by Jedd Beaudoin | Wednesday, January 7 | Posted in Music

JJ Grey formed the band Mofro with friend and fellow Jacksonville, Fla. resident Daryl Hance somewhere in the deep recesses of the Clinton era. Blending elements of funk, soul and southern rock, the group began releasing albums in 2001 with Blackwater. Grey frequently touched on elements of contemporary southern culture and environmentalism in his lyrics but could just as quickly turn around and deliver a sex-soaked soul burner.

By 2007 the band had left behind the tiny Fog City label for the greener pastures of Alligator Records (the Chicago-based blues-oriented imprint).

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Japanese Game Show and Helen Kelter Skelter support on a prime Saturday night show.

by Torin Andersen | Thursday, December 11 | Posted in Music

Between the synth, bass and electric guitar, Japanese Game Show drummer Eric Price wrangled the band in, maintained their signature tight grooves and exemplified their splashes of fun intended to get fans dancing. Opening, JGS didn't get the whole of the audience moving Saturday, Dec. 6, at Lucky's Everyday, but it certainly perked the ears of those still arriving.

On a cold misty night, Lucky's brought a warm interior that was punctuated with cinnamon whiskey shots and a bit of interior fog to match the nights horizon.

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by Jeremy Webster | Thursday, December 11 | Posted in Music

After 41 years and 17 studio albums under their belt, the most common criticism lobbed at AC/DC is that once you've heard one AC/DC song, you've heard them all.

AC/DC has rarely been a group to add complication to its formula, essentially sticking to a raucous riff-based approach constructed in three chord simplicity and wailing blues scale solos. But to criticize the band for repetitiveness is to ignore the band's inspirations and aspirations.

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by Torin Andersen | Thursday, December 4 | Posted in Music

Behind a laptop and colorful controllers, Fox (Lance Ponder), controls a musical soundscape laced with synth pads, orchestral melodies and kick heavy drum and bass rhythms. Having been involved in music, specifically saxophone, since an early age, Ponder took quickly to arranging music for the whole sonic scope that the digital age provides a young artist.

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by Michael Carmody | Wednesday, November 26 | Posted in Music

So I finally broke down and bought a vinyl copy of the new Pink Floyd album The Endless River, purportedly planned to be the final collection of new music released by the band. Sprawling over two LPs, the almost entirely instrumental affair is receiving mixed reviews, and I admit to having mixed feelings myself at first — though I have since come around to the view that this is the band's finest album-length work since The Wall in 1979.

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by Jorts McDude | Wednesday, November 26 | Posted in Music

Say hello to Wichita's Knifewound, Wichita's most-hated band.

They're also one of the two fastest bands in town. I guess that award should be shared with Knifewound's sister act, Plaguebot, whose membership overlaps almost entirely, and while their modi operandi might be similar, their sounds are unique from one another.

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by Torin Andersen | Wednesday, November 26 | Posted in Music

Coucou, the fifth Wonder Revolution release, is a sketch of sorts. Perhaps a collection of many sketches — loose, inspired, meandering and hypnotic. The spoken word on top of classical guitar act as an elevated anchor in a sea of possibility. The music, composed by David Lord, is atmospheric, whipping and swirling around a mostly repetitive nylon string guitar passage that permeates throughout the 27 minute aural escapade. The words, written and spoken by Claire Bera, are from a collaboration she recorded in 2009.

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by Torin Andersen | Thursday, November 13 | Posted in Music

Raised in a musical family and trained from an early age on classical piano, former Miss Kansas, Emily Strom, discovered her need to pursue jazz in college. Her debut release, Waltz in the Dark, is a 10 song exploration of an artist wedding those two influences and even borrowing from some rock bands that have inspired her along the way.

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