by Liz Jackel | Thursday, June 19 | Posted in Food

Some people collect stamps. Some collect coins. Others compile stacks of comic books, shelves of figurines, boxes of baseball cards, or lists of phone numbers. I collect beer. When the zombie apocalypse comes, I may not have a cache of food or weapons, but I will be well stocked with beer. I expect to be quite popular.

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by Don Winsor | Thursday, June 19 | Posted in Food

In any business, success is often found by creating and/or filling a niche. It is also found through nepotism, but that's another story. A few weeks ago, I wrote that I'd heard about a simple device that had been designed to solve some of the few weaknesses in my favorite brewer, the AeroPress. The simple, pitcher-style item is called the JavaJug, and the folks at JavaJug wasted no time in providing me a sample unit to try out.

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by Dan Kampling | Thursday, June 19 | Posted in Film

Two years ago, it must have been great to be Seth MacFarlane. After establishing his brand of humor on the animated series Family Guy, he managed to make his feature film debut with Ted, a premise so ridiculous to make some believe the trailers had to have been a joke, but the joke was on them when the film managed to gross over $500 million at the box office. Of course, when you make a film of that stature, the studio allows a filmmaker free reign on whatever their next project shall be.

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by Jeremy Webster | Thursday, June 19 | Posted in Film

How to Train Your Dragon 2 is a rare film in the animated family fare genre — one that has elements that are not only included for everyone in the family, but will connect and resonate with them as well.

This sequel to Dreamworks' 2010 hit finds inventor Hiccup (Jay Baruchel) and his Viking clan at peace with dragons, the two species coexisting and cooperating in their community.

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by Torin Andersen | Thursday, June 19 | Posted in Music

Friday the 13th was a surprisingly lucky night for the all-but-abandoned Wichita all-ages music scene. Rock Island Live, 101 N. Rock Island, agreed to let Travel Guide throw an all-ages show and benefited a surprisingly large group of young live music supporters out for a night of indie-rock.

Expecting the show to be outside on the patio stage, I was surprised that the bands were set up inside. Why not play outside? It's good free advertising, though uncomfortably shallow for a band to set up.

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by Michael Carmody | Thursday, June 19 | Posted in Music

Legendary Wichita guitar slinger Clif Major, after an eight-year battle with cancer, passed away on Friday the 13th. He was 65 years old.

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Stadium Sports Bar is a surprisingly good sounding room.

by Torin Andersen | Thursday, June 19 | Posted in Music

I arrived shortly after Gulch got its start and Stadium Sports Bar was about a third full. I was shocked by a lack of a cover charge and a very enthusiastic crowd.

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A half century of soccer is still somewhat inexplicable.

by Bill Jenkins | Thursday, June 19 | Posted in View

It frequently amazes me how much American society has changed in one lifetime. I could talk about telephones going from wall mounted crank machines to hand held computers. Or I could ruminate on cars that have advanced to become climate controlled, technology-laden machines that may not even use gasoline. But this week, I have been thinking about football. Or, as we provincials call it, soccer.

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by Don Winsor | Thursday, June 19 | Posted in View

There is an embarrassment of riches in the realm of episodic entertainment these days. Now that outlets like Netflix and Amazon are making their own series, in addition to the stellar creations of cable networks from AMC to HBO, the overwhelming threat of vacuous reality television which seemed to spell the death of the medium just a few years ago doesn't seem so dire.

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by Don Winsor | Thursday, June 12 | Posted in View

According to the item count listed in the folder named "F5" in the documents library on my laptop, I have now published 100 columns in these pages. To put this in perspective, if you weighed the ink used to print my columns alone, you would likely be asked why you were doing that and how you got in here. I thought long and hard about how to commemorate my let's-just-call-this-one-100th piece. After dozens of seconds I decided to do something which could inspire our editor burn me in effigy, but for many of you will recall the joys of Scholastic book orders and UFO 54-40.

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by Gustavo Arellano | Thursday, June 12 | Posted in Amuse

Dear Mexican: If dark-skinned people are so "undesirable," unwelcome and put down by you gringos, how come you bake in the sun like zopilotes to get dark? Summer is fantasy time for all of you, when you can actually get some color in that white skin of yours. Maybe the whole deal about racists is that they hate being white. I would too! Maybe white angry males are actually latent homosexuals attracted to dark-skinned men!

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The skinny on your week

by Diviner Mme Zanzibird | Thursday, June 12 | Posted in Amuse
  • Aries: (March 21 — April 19)
    Week rating: F2
    You will become addicted to DIY blogs, forums, and DIY home cleaning products. This week: Don't DIY your next toothbrush.
  • Taurus: (April 20 — May 20)
    Week rating: F3
    You don't get more Life Points by knowing "beauty hacks" from Buzzfeed. This week: Beat the humidity by drinking iced lavender chai.
  • Gemini: (May 21 — June 21)
    Week rating: F5
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    Thursday, June 12 | Posted in Arts

    In times of need, it is always a blessing to find friends that will raise money for you, donate items to silent auctions, and some that will even give cold hard cash. But how many people have friends that are so touched and inspired by you that they would create an entire art exhibition in your honor?

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    by Mike Marlett | Thursday, June 12 | Posted in Arts

    Everyone who knows Erick Riedell — local photographer, bicycle enthusiast, husband and father of two young boys — will tell you what a great guy he is. They will also tell you how unbelievably saddened and pissed off they are that he has cancer. Again.

    In April, Riedell started his fourth battle with cancer since 2008. Multiple surgeries, chemotherapies and trips to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota have racked up real bills and kept the happy-go-lucky blue-collar guy from working.

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    by Michael Carmody | Thursday, June 12 | Posted in Culture

    In the humid heat of any given Kansas summer, inhabitants are liable to find themselves looking for an entertaining way to beat the heat. For decades, the most popular option in Wichita was a trip to the boathouse on the Little Arkansas River at Murdock Avenue.

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    by Dan Kampling | Thursday, June 12 | Posted in Film

    Well, there comes a time in every critic's career that he has to review a Tom Cruise movie. It can a bit of a conflict, since Cruise has a reputation built up by the media by how he acts, along with being one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood. Thankfully, for my first Cruise review, it's actually something decent that is a cut above another Mission Impossible type of action film.

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    by Jeremy Webster | Thursday, June 12 | Posted in Film

    The Fault in our Stars, adapted from the popular novel by John Green, seems to point to a quieter wave of "young adult" genre adaptations on the horizon. Given the continual strike-outs of all the sci-fi and fantasy nonsense that isn't The Hunger Games or Twilight, that's just as well.

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    by Torin Andersen | Thursday, June 12 | Posted in Music

    Stadium Sports Bar will host a night of heavy riffage on Saturday, June 14.

    Odds Against, a band influenced by all musical genres but honed particularly around a sound that would be included in the ranks of Sick of It All and Agnostic Front have been blasting sound under this name for the last three years. All members in Odds Against were friends prior to forming and some even played together in bands Noizome Groove, Indignity and Sluice to name a few.

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    by Jorts McDude | Thursday, June 12 | Posted in Music

    If you spend all your time complaining about Riverfest's music selection this year, you're probably an idiot.

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    by Torin Andersen | Thursday, June 12 | Posted in Music

    The hip-hop show "Tornado Alley" brought XV and eight supporting acts to a packed Rock Island Live on Wednesday, June 4. XV brought the storm front and each one of the other eight "cells" performing broke off and whipped the crowd into a frenzy.

    DJ Nasty Navi started the night not with a frenzy but with a wall cloud mix of modern and old-school hip-hop. Performing an entire two-hour set, DJ Nasty Navi wasn't finished when the night's Master of Ceremonies, radio DJ Rolls Royce Stevenson, took the stage.

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