Evan Roth show takes a whimsical look at serious modern issues.

Thursday, January 22 | Posted in Arts

The Ulrich Museum of Art at Wichita State University will open the Evan Roth//Intellectual Property Donor exhibition Jan. 24. This show occupies an irregular zone at the intersection of free culture and popular culture, where viral media meets art and graffiti connects with technology.

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by Christina Calhoun | Wednesday, January 7 | Posted in Arts

Chances are good you're soon going to be seeing some pretty sweet things around town under the umbrella of Harvester Arts. We thought you might want to be in the loop.

What is Harvester Arts?

The name Harvester encompasses our mission conceptually: to cultivate dialogue and new work. We are a catalyst for growth in the Wichita art scene.

Where are you located?

In the second story NEST space above Bluebird Art house in Delano.

What is the mission of Harvester?

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Roxy's Downtown debuts not one, but two holiday-themed shows.

by Mike Marlett | Thursday, December 11 | Posted in Arts

Roxy's Downtown has entered the holiday season with not just one, but two holiday musicals.

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by Don Winsor | Wednesday, November 26 | Posted in Arts

When Cabaret Oldtown closed earlier this year, details were scarce as to what might come next in the storied venue. The venue, located at 412 1/2 E. Douglas, will re-open this Friday, Nov. 28, with a new lease on life, a new mission and enthusiastic ownership, along a return to the name that's been on the neon sign out back since the 1970s when it began life as a jazz club.

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by Christina Calhoun | Thursday, November 13 | Posted in Arts

This weekend, a collective of creative Riversiders will be displaying their artistic wares for the Porter Street Artists and Friends Fall Art Festival.

Starting in 2012, a handful of friends and collaborators began to assemble their variously intriguing creative activities into cohesive spring and fall shows, with Joann Ryan, of Metal Mammas, hosting the first event in her home. Enthusiastic reports spread, drawing the attention of more artists from the Wichita area and leading to the show's expansion.

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by Mike Marlett | Thursday, November 13 | Posted in Arts

ArtAID, Wichita's favorite party and art auction, is celebrating its 20th year this year. MaXX Bedroom will make her debut on The Cotillion stage at ArtAID on Friday, Oct. 10, in what organizers said will be the most dynamic, high-tech and audience-involved ArtAID yet.

ArtAID is an annual fundraiser for Positive Directions, Inc., a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing community, action, resources, education and support for people who have HIV infection and their loved ones. PDI also educates people about behaviors that put them at risk for HIV infection.

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by Christina Calhoun | Thursday, November 13 | Posted in Arts

The Douglas Design District is increasingly becoming a stop-and-stare corridor of public art. With bold sunflowers glowing in the Donut Whole's parking lot and a satirical, graffiti-style Keeper of the Plains riff on the alley wall of Stor-All Self Storage, it's clear someone is putting time and thought into setting the right mood.

This September, artists Tom Murillo and Josh Tripoli unveil the final two in a series of four murals that encourage continued vibrance in commerce and creativity.

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by Christina Calhoun | Friday, June 27 | Posted in Arts

Abode Venue promises a traffic-stopper with the unveiling of Steve Murillo's latest public mosaic project and a Final Friday party to match.

Abode owner Bill Jackson, who was inspired to open the venue because of his deep love for music, offered a piece of his poetry to Murillo as his vision for the commission.

"Music is an ethereal stream of magical energy flowing through our lives," Jackson said.

Much like the spectacles of light and sound Abode fosters in its diverse event space, Murillo's visual work channels a magical energy at times.

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by Torin Andersen | Friday, June 27 | Posted in Arts

Anyone curious about getting into video production or live interactive video art can catch a glimpse of some of the heavy hitters Wichita has to offer. Inside the Fisch Haus on Final Friday, June 27, video producers will open their work up and share with audiences a little bit of the process through projected "Making Ofs" and expose behind-the-scene conceptions one may not be aware of in the creation and generating process.

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by Torin Andersen | Thursday, June 26 | Posted in Arts

Anyone curious to see the ever-evolving Craig Owens show more of his stunning newfound pursuit into visual art, can catch new works that will be on display at R Coffee House in Riverside the month of July with a reception Saturday, June 28 from 6 to 8 p.m.

Owens said of his new work, "It's mostly black-and-white on paper derived from photographs and linked to Bodo compositions and the Bodo narrative. Highly non-representational."

The show is titled, "The Bodo Chronicles: Red Dirt Revelation."

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Thursday, June 12 | Posted in Arts

In times of need, it is always a blessing to find friends that will raise money for you, donate items to silent auctions, and some that will even give cold hard cash. But how many people have friends that are so touched and inspired by you that they would create an entire art exhibition in your honor?

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by Mike Marlett | Thursday, June 12 | Posted in Arts

Everyone who knows Erick Riedell — local photographer, bicycle enthusiast, husband and father of two young boys — will tell you what a great guy he is. They will also tell you how unbelievably saddened and pissed off they are that he has cancer. Again.

In April, Riedell started his fourth battle with cancer since 2008. Multiple surgeries, chemotherapies and trips to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota have racked up real bills and kept the happy-go-lucky blue-collar guy from working.

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Thursday, May 1 | Posted in Arts

On Sunday, May 4, Planet Hair will rock the Earth, make changes and raise money in conjunction with Aveda's Earth Month efforts. The event will be held from 6 to 9 p.m. at the Fisch Haus, 524 S. Commerce. The evening will include a silent auction of work by local artists and donations from local businesses, earth and wellness vendors, refreshments, a cash bar and a fashion show of clothing made from recycled materials. Admission will be $20. Advance tickets are available at Planet Hair, 504 E. Douglas.

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MFA thesis watches the watchers.

Thursday, May 1 | Posted in Arts

Ankica Mitrovska recently presented her MFA Thesis Exhibition, Caution: X.G.O.T.A.F.L.Y.!, at Fiber Studio for April's Final Friday. Mitrovska expressed the grotesque state of privacy invasion through a massive charcoal drawing installation — transforming the gallery into a spectacle of surveillance.

Dozens of eyes from every angle focused on the viewer, while a network of gestural marks conveyed the overwhelming immensity of the surveillance network established by our government; effectively trapping the viewer in the grasp of her creation.

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Thursday, April 24 | Posted in Arts

The Commerce Street Art District is going to look a little bit different this summer: hopefully greener! A weekend of seed bomb making and planting is coming up on Saturday, April 26 and Sunday April 27, at Botanica and the art district respectively.

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by Christina Calhoun | Thursday, April 24 | Posted in Arts

Slip on your dancing shoes and knot that time-travel cloak around your shoulders, because Saturday, April 26, the Ulrich Museum of Art is hosting an over-the-top celebration 40 years in the making. Thumbing back through its archives of artwork and memories, the museum celebrates its fortieth anniversary with the exhibition Forty Years/Forty Stories.

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WSU campus is a treasure trove of culture and simple pleasure.

by Christina Calhoun | Thursday, April 10 | Posted in Arts

Spring daily unfurls new charms and the Wichita State University campus offers a goldmine of diversions to shake off the last doldrums of winter.

Stroll the WSU campus and revel in the proliferation of tulips while admiring the 76-piece al fresco experience of the Martin H. Bush Outdoor Sculpture Collection. Ranked among the Top Ten Campus Sculpture Collections in 2006, heavyweights include Andy Goldsworthy, Louise Nevelson, Tom Otterness, Joan Miro and Salvadore Dali.

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Thursday, April 3 | Posted in Arts

Special to F5

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Obstreperous Players put on S&M play at Fisch Haus.

by Torin Andersen | Thursday, February 20 | Posted in Arts

When it premiered on Broadway in October of 2011 Venus in Fur blurred lines between fantasy and reality, as it is the story of a play based around a novel that inspired the term masochism.

Starring two leads — Bryan Welsby and Susan Guntly — from last year's performance of God of Carnage at the Fisch Haus, Venus in Fur is co-directed by Karen Wild and Michael Webber.

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