Your weekly coffee routine, explained

Your weekly coffee routine, explained

FINDING THE BEST: Reverie will be hosting a Barista Throwdown and Latte Art Competition at 6 p.m. on Saturday, Aug. 1. Creative Commons photo by Takeaway

There is too much coffee in town for you to be expected to keep tabs on all of it, so I've made you a helpful weekly planner to help you, because helping is what I do.


Ugh. Christ. It's Monday morning, you don't want anything too fancy, you need coffee and it needs to be comforting and dependable. The Donut Whole is your go-to for the best no-frills basic cup of joe, for a large take-away of their smooth blend and maybe even a chocolate caramel sea-salt donut to make you forget the pain.


You're too busy to hang around, but Espresso To Go Go is calling your name with a Syd Vicious or a Queen Bee. The best most creative espresso drinks in town, the best of which are on a "secret" unlisted menu, are at either location. You could probably just make up a name for something and they'd still make you an inspired drink.* Just don't ask for the Harry Dean Stanton or the Courtney Love, because I imagine both of those might include a cigarette butt.


You're got to stop by the Farmer's Market in front of Watermark Books to check out the wares from Monroe Coffee Roasters before 11 a.m., because you're hip and want to know about them before everyone else catches on. Buy some of their beans ahead of their shop opening at Douglas and Hillside — you can even subscribe, which is a great deal for their amazing, small batch roasts. Highly recommended.


Stop by Reverie Roasters on your way home, grab an expertly made cortado or a pourover, then pull out a laptop and pretend you're busy. If you're looking for beans, my personal favorite at the moment is their Boneshaker espresso, which has always been great and continues to improve and evolve.


Time to head west to Verita Coffee. You're going to have a dirty chai and a shot of espresso on the side. You will not have better chai anywhere, and the shots produced by their beautiful Slayer machine are exceptional. Then, enjoy the relaxed atmosphere as you sit at the beautiful wooden bar and count the pennies on the wall.


You're going to get up early and go to Fresh Roast Coffee on Clifton, because this is the only day when you can, and you can only do so for a few hours in the morning. You will buy some of his excellent limited-batch beans and enjoy a cup of his brew with a great deal of self-satisfaction because you are one of the elite who possess the knowledge of this quirky little place with the limited hours. Imagine your inner smugness as you serve this coffee to your friends! Take that, friends.


It's Sunday, man. Relax. Head over to R Coffeehouse and check out some of the live entertainment that Angelo has going in the mornings. Grab one of his amazing breakfast creations, try a Big Papa or a really stellar cappuccino, and enjoy the vibe inside or out. Even in the heat, sitting outside is bearable thanks to a shady tree-lined street.

*Do not do this.