Vine Brothers release The Devil

Vine Brothers release The Devil

Need a soundtrack for a trek out to your friend's ranch? I listened to the Vine Brothers second release and found it to be a nice complement to the cloudy, rolling Flint Hills bustling with a new batch of steers.

The Vine Brothers introduce their newest release by opening with the sound of thunder and following with tornado sirens. The Devil and the Deep Black Sky is the follow-up to their debut, Low Rent.

Kansans familiar with these atmospheric sounds will find the trio's musical performance equally familiar. Our ears already tuned to bluegrass roots, the Vine Brothers introduce more gypsy swing with a hint of blues coloring their use of upright bass, mandolin and acoustic guitar.

Song credits are split between guitarist Greg Bucking (from New York) and mandolin player Joe Credit (from Kansas). On bass and "shout" vocals Garrett Jones (from Arkansas) carries the low end.

With vocal harmonies galore, the Vine Brothers have a bit more saunter than their local counterparts, Calamity Cubes or Carrie Nation and the Speakeasy. Bucking repeats the chorus "I've got no desire to watch your bridges burn" on the seventh track, "No Desire." Guest contributor RJ Mischo on harmonica paints "Soul in My Bones" blue while Bucking strums his guitar, yearning for his bones to bring him home.

Despite a few rough recording cuts, the 30-plus-minute album is palatable like a warm summer evening. Images of such an occasion decorate the listening experience in songs like "Firefly." Evocative in its production, it is easy to imagine the players performing in different environments song after song on The Devil and the Deep Black Sky.

Saunter out to Lucky's Everyday on Friday, May 2, to catch their return to Wichita and pick up a copy of The Devil and the Deep Black Sky.