The Vehicles to open for the Gin Blossoms

The Vehicles to open for the Gin Blossoms

The Vehicles are a Wichita-based rock band formed in 2005 with founding members Kerry Bainum and Cody Cloud.

The band has released three studio albums — Luna, Satchels & Beards and This Bluebird Wants Me Dead. The latest album was released on vinyl and includes a digital download. All the music is available on iTunes, Amazon and CDbaby.

F5 has previously described This Bluebird Wants Me Dead as “fantastic” and that it “offers up a solid 45 minutes of thoughtful, well-written, well-produced, dark and danceable pop, and its appearance will be a most-welcome addition to your record collection.”

The band also includes Calana Hill on keyboards, Tony Hull on bass guitar and Isaac Pearson on guitar. The current sound of the band is described as a mix of Echo and the Bunnymen and U2. The band members also list Wilco, Mellowdrone and Smashing Pumpkins as influences.

You can check out the band at or and you can follow it on Twitter @VEHICLEStheBAND.