Uber reverses back into Kansas

Uber reverses back into Kansas

CAREFUL OF THE PAINT: Gov. Sam Brownback signs the legislation on the hood of an Uber driver's car. Photo courtesy Uber

After Gov. Sam Brownback signed SB 101 today, Uber officially came back to the wheat state and even whisked the govenour away to some unspecified location before he could answer any questions. (Olathe resident Vince Weston gave the gov a spin around the capitol.) 

The service is available imeadiately in Wichita, Lawrence, Leavenworth, Manhattan, Topeka and Kansas City, Kansas. 

The company suspended service in Kansas on May 5 after the Kansas House and Senate overturned Brownback’s veto on a bill that established insurance and safety regulations for ride companies such as Uber. Uber sudden exit created a firestorm online and the company’s customers heavily criticised the lawmakers.

The new bill, which was supported by Uber, makes insurance requirements of Uber drivers, though the requirement now is just comprehensive coverage if the car has a lein, which is far lower requirement than the commercial coverage required in the previous bill. The new bill also requires that the company conduct background checks of its drivers, but it does not require that those checks be done by the KBI, as the original legislation did. 

"We couldn’t be happier to be able to once again provide access to the safe, reliable transportation options and economic opportunities that thousands of Kansans had come to rely upon," an Uber spokesman said on the company's blog site.