Treehugger is a dream come half awake

Treehugger is a dream come half awake


Who: Francis Moss
What: Treehugger release show
Where: Air House Music Academy, 7230 E. 29th St. N.
When: Friday, Jan. 30, 8 p.m.
How much: $5, which also gets you a free download of Treehugger

Floating in like a traveler upon a snowflake, Treehugger, is subtle despite its impressive line-up of contributing artists.

The album is 2015's newest release from Francis Moss on Air House Records.

Sticking with the now-familiar use of classical guitar for the majority of the instrumentation on Treehugger, guitarist and composer David Lord (a.k.a. Francis Moss) has crafted a patient, confident and prepared pulse that maintains throughout the 11 song, almost-20-minute-long release.

Francis Moss has been developing an identity as an artist in pursuit of a more meditative state of performance and has even encouraged bringing sleeping bags to shows. He has take a closer step toward straddling the lines between awake consciousness and sleep consciousness. One might guess many of these tunes were written and/or inspired by the moments just before deep sleep when your imagination can catch fire right on the cusp of losing the ability to act on it.

Lucid arrangements make the bulk of the release, with the exception of "Pink or Violet Patches," "Low Branches Short Trunk" and "Big-cone Pine" which come off like cyphers or a building of vernacular for future Francis Moss releases.

Contributions from the likes of bassist Mark Foley, drummer Steve Hatfield, percussionist Chris Reichmeier and spoken word performed by Benjamin Hunt are subtle, if not almost hidden, on Treehugger. It's as if the release were meant to be listened to in what the audio equivalent of viewing a Magic Eye poster. Can anyone blur their hearing and kind of cross their ears? If so, you'll probably be able to laugh at us not being able to catch the deeper meaning intended by the artist, but I would still prefer to go on the journey with each listen rather than find out how it ends.

If you'd like to help celebrate the release of Treehugger you can catch Lord at his newest Air House Music Academy east location, 7230 E. 29th St. N., Jan. 30. Performing with improvisationalist CJ Boyd, everyone with $5 for admission will be given a free download of Treehugger days before its official release Feb. 3.