Top news from around the web for April 1, 2015

Top news from around the web for April 1, 2015

We'll trust you know what that means.

ThinkGeek announces a PowerWheels tie in with the upcoming Mad Max Franchise.

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* CERN researchers at the Large Hadron Collider have found evidence of “The Force”:

*Google Japan annnounces Google Panda, an artificially intelligent companion to help you browse the internet.

*Google Chrome offers #chromeselfies, a new feature allowing selfies while browsing:

*Google Inbox has created the world's first physical mailbox with a spam filter:

*Virgin America chief Richard Branson announces that the company will move their headquarters to Branson, MO:

* decides to ditch modern web design in favor of a more "vintage" look:

*ThinkGeek releases a line of Power Wheels based on the Mad Max franchise:

*US Army begins repurposing drones for pizza delivery:

*Terrible people everywhere will rejoice at the new artisanal selfie stick by Motorola:

*Groupon and Uber have teamed to provide a pet-based ride sharing service:

*Because people aren't the only animals capable of crippling bad taste and narcissism, a selfie stick for dogs:

*Hulu releases pet versions of popular shows:

*Duluth Trading offers a new line of pants that hope to make the toolbelt obsolete:

*Vodafone offers the first phone with a physical emoji keyboard:

*The first recyclable underwear program, from MeUndies: