This time, Grandpa's house

This time, Grandpa's house


Who: Shatter the Memories, Becoming Atlas, Mammoth, Limits and Insvrgence
When: Saturday, May 2, 6 p.m.
Where: Grandpa's, 2251 S. Lulu
How much: $5

I've been to plenty of house shows. They're a cornerstone of the DIY community. Usually some dudes in a band move in together and start putting on shows or some kid convinces an adult that 60 teens plus bands in the basement den is a really good idea. Wichita has had its share of both good and bad house venues spread all over town with myriad backstories. This weekend sees another join the ranks: Grandpa's, at 2251 S. Lulu (No, it's not a re-branding of the Temple of Doom which is just down the street). Insvrgence, Limits, Mammoth, Becoming Atlas and Shatter the Memories break in the venue on Saturday, May 2, at 6 p.m. Bring $5 and something extra to buy merch.

I actually had a chance to meet the eponymous Grandpa at the South Lulu Temple of Doom's 4/20 show. He was there with his grandson to check out the bands. But, since half of the touring bands got arrested on their way from Denver, I left once Mammoth wrapped and didn't introduce myself. He braved Temple of Doom's basement without earplugs, so I have no doubt the show on Saturday will pull no punches.

Four locals start the destruction. Shatter the Memories delivers a death metal set with instrument changes and serious solos. Becoming Atlas mixes nu metal with heavier fare, sprinkled with some bass lines you won't be expecting. Mammoth lampoons state politics, pit beef and drunk assholes. Limits classes up the neighborhood with a djentrified set list (Don't worry, you can still mosh in sweatpants).

Insvrgence tops the night with "pissed off, politically charged hardcore." This phenomenal Austin, Texas five-piece is touring aggressively this summer, kicking off May with a show in Wichita Falls before coming here. I'm genuinely curious as to how many bands do that. Innerstrength Records, who picked up Insvrgence in the fall of last year, compares the band to Remembering Never, Stick to Your Guns and First Blood. The guys play an edgy cut of melodic riffs and piercing yells. When you least expect it, Insvrgence manages to sneak in these fantastic breakdowns that inspire serious pit violence. But this is a house show, so be nice to Grandpa's and he might have us all back again.