Tallgrass filmmaker returns to teach class

Tallgrass filmmaker returns to teach class

Tallgrass alumni filmmaker James Choi returns to Wichita for the fourth year in a row to lead the Tallgrass Film Association's first Project Nano, an intensive, hands-on, short filmmaking workshop.

Choi has brought the films Made In China, Joint Body and Faith In Destiny to previous Tallgrass Film Festivals. He is actively writing, directing and producing films in Chicago and also teaches at DePaul University and Tribeca Flashpoint Academy.

The class takes place from April 12 to 15 at the Digital Arts Studio at CityArts and on location throughout the city. Students will learn the art of independent filmmaking from pre-production through post-production, through the lens of Choi, an accomplished filmmaker and instructor.

Starting with an original short screenplay, selected by Choi and Wichita-area film professionals from submissions from across the country, the class will learn the process of filmmaking from script to screen — including producing, directing, casting, production design, lighting, sound and editing music — and how to do it all with little to no cash budget.

Project Nano is open to filmmakers of all ages, with all levels of experience, who want to learn and practice the craft of filmmaking. The end result of Project Nano will include a completed short film, and more importantly, a group of students who will possess the knowledge to go out and continue making films.

"We're absolutely thrilled to have James Choi as our Filmmaker in Residence for the first Project Nano. He's an incredibly talented and generous filmmaker. We're excited for local filmmakers to have the incredible opportunity to work with him and learn about filmmaking, Choi-style," said TFA Executive Director Lela Meadow-Conner. "Independent film is so inherently DIY, and each filmmaker has a unique approach. We hope to continue this program each year with different filmmakers sharing their perspectives and processes with the Wichita community."

Class space is limited to 20 people and advanced registration is required. Registration is $175, or for students, seniors, TFA members and past City Arts Digital Filmmaking Lab students, it is $150. To register and for more information, visit tallgrassfilmfest.com.