Still Alice deserving of its Oscar

Still Alice deserving of its Oscar


Title: Still Alice
Rating: F4
Short review: Julianne Moore's Best Actress performance is stellar, but her supporting cast sometimes lets her down.

This year's Oscars were appropriately distributed to their worthy applicants. What was remarkable this year was the differentiations between all of the major awards. Not one film swept the categories, thus presented a fair balance of the wide category of films of the previous year. The Best Actress Academy Award winner for Julianne Moore in Still Alice has finally arrived, a deserving award win for a deserving film chronicling the onset of Alzheimer's disease and its effect on everyone involved.

Moore portrays a Columbia University professor who is diagnosed with Alzheimer's and sets up a system of questions to help keep her memory in check, along with a message to commit suicide if she can't remember the answers. She must also deal with her condition's effect on her financially struggling husband (Alec Baldwin), along with her two daughters (Kate Bosworth and Kristen Stewart), one of whom discovers that she tests positive for a genetic predisposition Alzheimer's.

Moore's award-winning performance encapsulates all of the frustration, terror and sadness of a person with the condition. The supporting roles are mostly solid from Baldwin and Bosworth, however, Stewart still can't seem to emote properly, even while surrounded by her fellow cast members.

Regardless of a minor casting misstep, Still Alice still exceeds with its subject matter of dealing with memory loss and a relevant and poignant manner with a deserving Best Actress award.