Pair of shows bring hardcore from all over

Pair of shows bring hardcore from all over


Who: Barrier, Villains, 2x4, Left Behind and Shatter the Memories
When: Tuesday, March 31; doors at 6, show at 6:30 p.m.
Where: KC's Too, 7504 S. Broadway, Haysville
How much: $12


Who: Swamps, VICE, The Tooth and Went Missing
When: Wednesday, April 1; doors at 6, show at 7 p.m.
Where: KC's Too, 7504 S. Broadway, Haysville
How much: $8

Two nights. Two killer shows. This is more than two sweaty dudes screaming in your face with some breakdowns and dance parts for good measure. Get stoked.

The first night is Barrier, Villains, 2x4, Left Behind and locals Shatter the Memories on Tuesday, March 31, at KC's Too, 7504 S. Broadway, in Haysville. It is $12, doors open at 6 p.m. and the show starts at 6:30. This show is all about the breakdown.

Barrier (from Chicago) plays nice, simple metal you can jam to. This four-piece doesn't mesh around with edgy vocals or annoying effects. Straight-laced, no-nonsense metalcore with decent BLEH lines and great breakdowns.

Villains (Oswego, Illinois) continue the deathcore power stance with chunky riffs full of samples and deep tone. Almost every song of their latest album, Freudian Slip, slows down enough to appreciate the telegraphed breakdown. Throw in some mathy bits and you've got a great set coming from another unsigned band.

I last wrote about 2x4 (Durant, Oklahoma) when they were out supporting their album Dark Hand. With brand new material out the beginning of March (the MCMLII EP) and coming off a tour with Chicago beatdown bros Drowning, this set is going to be a swift windmill to the face. Expect snappy chugs, deep growls and nice pit riffs.

Left Behind (Charleston, West Virginia) finishes the touring acts with some rad beatdown. Like some of my old local favorites, this four piece puts a wall of sound directly behind the drummer. Their slow, heavy breakdowns are amazing pit fodder, so be prepared to stand back or jump in.

Shatter the Memories provides the local foundation. It is a bit more on the metal side than the rest of the bands, and we'll get raw vocals and a finer appreciation of the hard stuff. There have great elements and a wonderfully spastic sound.

The next night, Wednesday, April 1, brings Swamps, VICE, The Tooth (formerly Sabertooth) and locals Went Missing to KC's Too again. It is $8, the doors open at 6 p.m. and the show starts at 7. This show is all about the dance parts.

After a little over a year of nothing new, Swamps (Springfield, Massachusetts) released a great new single late February. With luck, they'll play more new material, but that's just idle speculation. Their last release, Heavy Work, is full of tight, energetic hardcore that will get you moving.

VICE (Staten Island, New York) is touring in support of No One Gets Buried With You, which should be released soon. Last November, they dropped an epic teaser featuring Todd Sheehan of Indecision, but there's been nothing new since. Don't let that get you down, though. Their short, thrashy songs with wrenchingly raw vocals will leaving you wishing their set was twice as long.

New material is almost certain to come from The Tooth (Oklahoma City). They changed names at the beginning of this year to coincide with a release this summer. The band's most previous album was Sheol, released in 2013, and is a blend of melody and chaos with some dance parts to boot. Expect nothing less.

Locals Went Missing wrap up a fantastic lineup. Their last release, Covered Up, was four short tracks of mathy, distorted hardcore. They've been writing new material, so there's a chance we'll hear more than 15 minutes of these dudes. It's also their first show since August of last year (with a shortened lineup), so come out and support rad local talent.