Ophil promises to melt your face

Ophil promises to melt your face

Photo by Ryan Hendrix


Who: Ophil with Soleb Theory

What: Ska

When: Saturday, Dec. 21, 9 p.m.

Where: Lucky's Everyday, 1217 E. Douglas

Price: $5

If you're living in Wichita and haven't heard Ophil yet, you've been residing under a presumably very comfortable rock that has sustained you for at least two decades. Well, here's your chance to come out and catch Ophil up-close and personal Dec. 21 at Lucky's Everyday, 1217 E. Douglas.

Having played in Wichita and around the region extensively in the mid-'90s into the early '00s, even making their way to the west coast, Ophil has been dubbed a ska band.

However, the members pride themselves on trying out different styles that are in, around and outside of ska to cultivate their own unique take on what they enjoy about music.

With three full-length studio albums and a live record (and many, many bootlegs) under its belt this band shows no signs of stopping and still continues to write new music.

Soleb Theory, opening the night, is a younger band with much fewer years under their belt. A trio, this band will take up less than half the stage real-estate that Ophil will.

Playing an eclectic mixture of punk, funk, metal and ska, this band's rhythm section features a flare for Latin grooves played expertly by brothers Alejandro and Andres Alamos. Singer/guitarist, Drew Colcher, an intense performer who is very serious about his music will also be performing with Ophil.

When asked what attendees should expect from Saturday's performance, Alex Thomas, the only original member to have played all Ophil's live shows, responded in brevity, "Face melting."

So if you've ever wanted to see what it's like to have your face melt like the bad guys in Indiana Jones only this time while watching a ska band (assuming they don't also have the Ark of the Covenant) this Saturday, Lucky's Everyday provides you this wonderful opportunity.