Monroe Roasters starts free local delivery

Monroe Roasters starts free local delivery

Monroe Coffee Roasters will now deliver coffee to you. Photo by Whitney Tartler

Benjamin and Amanda Spell's Monroe Coffee Roasters is inching ever closer to the public opening of their retail space in the Dockum Building on the northeast corner of Douglas and Hillside. The couple invited me over for coffee, to take a look at their "blank slate" which is about to undergo final construction and to tell me about their subscription and coffee delivery service.

Their space in the beautiful Dockum building has the original tin ceiling and hardwood floor, and their current plans will maintain the spacious, open feeling of the place. A marble-topped bar will run along one wall, surrounding the coffee preparation area at one end and an open kitchen at the other. Seating will be plentiful both at the bar and surrounding tables.

A room in the back will house the roaster, the pantry and kitchen prep area in addition to being able to host private coffee classes and cuppings for those interested in coffee education.

I'll touch more on Monroe's specific in-house offerings closer to their opening, but for now I wanted to let you know that their subscription and coffee delivery services are available now. Their website — — offers a selection of their coffees. While subsciptions and coffees are available anywhere in the United States of America, they are offering free local delivery.

I tried their Ethiopian and their Colombian and found their signature lighter roasts really great at highlighting some of the subtler aspects of the flavors often covered by a typical, darker roast. I'm currently running through a bag of their Colombian beans as my daily brew at home, and it really is excellent and worth checking out.

With the recent addition of Verita and the upcoming opening of Monroe, there is a lot more variety available here insofar as styles and roasting techniques. While Verita uses Stumptown's always strong product, you've now not only got different blends from Reverie, The Spice Merchant and Fresh Roast to check out but also the wonderful new stuff from Monroe. They're all very different from one another, offering you the ability to educate your Starbucks-burned palette.