Mammoth's debut EP goes the right direction

Mammoth's debut EP goes the right direction


Who: Filius Sol, The Familia, Ninth Life, Mammoth and Wicked World
When: Thursday, June 4, 6:30 p.m.
Where: Grandpa's, 2251 S. Lulu
How much: $6

Overcast skies loomed over Grandpa's backyard last Saturday as Mammoth set up for a sound check. I was one of maybe 10 early people there for the release of Corporate Greed, Mammoth's inaugural EP.

Bassist Hayden Fields started the night with his small practice amp (which he's used before), but locals Odds Against graciously shared their gear and gave him an upgrade. Both the sound check set and the full set were fast and loud.

By now, Mammoth has gained a solid local fan base, so at least 30 people were there just after dark to watch Mammoth jam. Four people even jumped on the mic for a pile-on, up from one the past few times. Vocalist Chevy Easter was a bit more verbose than he normally is, explaining each of the songs in detail. Hardcore with a message. Mammoth even debuted a new track, "The Lonesome." For a backyard show, there was plenty of pit action.

Live, guitarist Darren Daniels normally plays interesting embellishments live that you can't hear on the CD. Drummer Brandon Maisch is powerhouse too, but Corporate Greed doesn't pick that up very well. For a local DIY recording, it's pretty good, with some decent artwork and OK production, but it's not great either.

If you haven't seen Mammoth, you're missing out. Corporate Greed is its normal three-track set plus an intro. Its local hardcore with a power-violence feel. Chevy even manages to get a 316 callout on "P.O.Y.E." (Luckily, I haven't heard that live or I might have punched him — it's pretty cheesy).

The band hits substance abuse, state politics and shitty bands in just over five minutes. You can definitely tell it's Mammoth's first release because this isn't a technical or strong record, but Mammoth is still a new band.

It has all the elements you'd expect on hardcore EP: a couple of dance parts, chugs, a harsh yell and speed. Five minutes isn't quite enough for the band to develop a deeper rapport with the listener, though. Corporate Greed has some weight, but in a few months with more shows under its belt, Mammoth will really pack a punch. The first record is a great shot in the right direction.

This is a band to watch out for. So far Mammoth has only played all-ages shows, meaning the normal Kirby's crew most likely hasn't made an effort to check the band out. If that includes you, you can fix that tonight, June 4, by heading over to Grandpa's, 2251 S. Lulu. Mammoth will be playing with locals Filius Sol and The Familia as well as Salina's Ninth Life and Wisconsin's Wicked World. Wicked world played Rock Island Live a couple of weeks ago. Absolute killer set. If you're not going to go for Mammoth, go to support those dudes on their way back home. The show is $6 and starts at 6:30 p.m.. Mammoth's CD release got cut off by the police because it ran late, so expect things tonight to be on time. After giving Wicked World some gas money, be sure to snag Corporate Greed for the low price of $5 or check it out on Mammoth's Bandcamp, where you can snag it for your phone or MP3 player.