Lawrence Furniture Store Fails Because Obama

Lawrence Furniture Store Fails Because Obama

Candy ass commies don't buy enough cheap furniture because of Marxism

Lawrence declared commie candy-ass capitol(sp) of Kansas; Wichita was not consulted.

Somehow, the sterling marketing practice of having randomly dancing people holding nonsensical signs to promote a business seems to have failed for one Lawrence furniture store. While considered by many to be the single most effective marketing tool in existence, others begin to question the efficacy of this brilliant practice and begin to consider hiring actual creatives for advertising. Wouldn't matter, thanks to new regulations on absolutely everything by President Obama. Obama's war on furniture stores and bad marketing continues as yet another furniture store has closed their doors due to his insane policies, but this one isn't taking it lying down. Lawrence's Payless Furniture has taken what funds they had left and covered a moving truck in anti-Obama (and anti-Lawrence) signage, parking it prominently in front of their location.

The signs have to be seen to be believed, especially the one on the back which reads in part "Restore Freedom! Even Retards Want To Be Free," with a photo of said... um... retard. Yich.

Wichita was not aware there was a contest for "Commie, Candy-Ass Capitol(sp) of Kansas," or I think we might've been able to pull off a win.

Find the photos at the Lawrence Journal World here: