Jurassic World gives Pratt range

Jurassic World gives Pratt range

HOW MUCH RANGE? THIS MUCH: Chris Pratt starts a meme while controlling dinos.

Jurassic World is the fourth film in a beloved series centered around people running from dinosaurs which wouldn't exist if people weren't horrible. The first Jurassic Park was released in 1993 with a strong cast and groundbreaking special effects. Effects which if we're honest with ourselves, while still passable, don't REALLY hold up in places. The directing chores this time are handled by the very capable Colin Trevorrow, who helmed the offbeat indie Safety Not Guaranteed which not enough people have seen.

Jurassic World is, like every other film in the series, produced by Steven Spielberg. Like Jurassic Park III, the new film is not based on a Michael Crichton novel — it's merely inspired by Crichton's work. It's also been quite a long time since we saw a Jurassic film. I'll break my thoughts here into three parts: What I liked, what I didn't like, and questions full of horrible spoilers you shouldn't read until you've seen the movie.


The dinosaurs. While online trolls have been complaining about the rumours of "too much CGI" in the new film, compared to the practical effects use in the original film, fear not. These dinosaurs are every bit as weighty, tangible, threatening, and "real" as you've ever seen. There are extended moments of interaction between actors and the dinosaurs to the point that I wasn't sure at times what was practical and what was CGI. Anyway, if you've any level of suspension of disbelief you won't be thinking about that during the film. They're dinosaurs.

The action. The body count is much higher than in any of the other films, but don't worry that it's going to be any more graphic than the original — it isn't. It's actually impressive how non-graphic the violence is, considering what happens.

The adult cast did a fine job despite… see below. Especially Chris Pratt. Seriously. Look at the physical transformation of this dude. While the writing does not do him (or anyone, see below) any favors, Pratt continues to impress and develop his range as a comfortable modern everyman. In a script completely devoid of worthwhile character development, Pratt somehow manages to be compelling. As compelling as he needs to be, anyway, because this is a movie about monster lizards. Also, I have to mention Jake Johnson. He's got a small role as a technician, but has the best comic moment in the film and is pretty much the audience's cipher when it comes to discussing what happened before, as little as that actually happens.

The island. If you've ever traveled to the Caribbean, you know how horrible those places become once Carnival/Diamonds International/Jimmy Buffet come in. They turn everything into a horrible mall, and every island becomes the exact SAME mall. Isla Nublar is no different, EXACTLY what it would look like in the hands of a corporate conglomerate… they even have a Margaritaville and a bloody Pandora shop. It makes you root for the dinosaurs.


The character writing / formulaic relationships. Every character or interpersonal situation in the film was completely out of the most banal of Hollywood playbooks. The adult cast is fantastic, but anything that happens between human characters is probably just going to annoy you, because there aren't any dinosaurs on screen and what do I care if their parents are getting divorced? Someone throw a velociraptor at them and make them shut up! Anyway, we're not watching this film for deep character development. Eat your popcorn.


Don't read on if you haven't seen it.

Question One: Why did they have so many pterodactyls and pteranadon? They were far away from public view, why did they keep them?! How was that colony even sustainable? That's probably something all of the employees were asking themselves just before being carried away to their deaths.

Question Two: Isn't Claire probably at least going to be questioned and perhaps even go to prison for what happened? In any case, they just went through a horrible situation involving so much death and dismemberment, how can she giggle like a lovesick little girl and walk off with him like nothing has happened? She is a sociopath.

Question Three: Where is Ian Malcolm? Where is Alan Grant?

Anyway, I highly recommend this film. It's exactly what it needs to be, and while it isn't exactly thought-provoking, there's a time and a place for a movie about being chased by dinosaurs.


Title: Jurassic World
Rating: F4
Short review: This fourth film is a different creature with its own features, though it's not flawless.