Indiana Pence and the Bigot's Crusade

Indiana Pence and the Bigot's Crusade

This sticker for is available for businesses to let customers know that yes, we will take your money.

Indiana is ready to go full monty with a legalized discrimination plan that failed even in Oklahoma. That's right, our friends to the east saw the executive order made by Gov. Sam Brownback in February, and said "Nope! Not far enough!"

They decided to push through a measure that would make it legal for you to tell any customers who offend your religious sensibilities that they cannot purchase ammunition, bait, or whatever the hell else it is you sell when you're the sort of person who would do that.

Strangely enough, the measure seems to be set to pass even after a last-minute attempt to do what Oklahoma state rep Emily Virgin did to stop their version of this nonsense: simply require businesses to post that they will be discriminating. If you're going to do it, you've got to announce it to the public.

Grassroots groups have sprung up everywhere to fight this measure and support businesses who won't participate in the ridiculous business of turning away business. Given recent history, it may not be long before some frightened bigot tries to push a similar bill through our horrid legislature. It might be nice to be prepared while at the same time showing support for the reasonable citizens on Indiana who don't want this in their state either.

Check out this website,, and you can get a sticker for your business that supports a good cause and tells your customers they're welcome, no matter what.