ICT Fest Bandvan

ICT Fest Bandvan

Need a band van? ICT Fest has got one for you!

INSERT "DOWN BY THE RIVER" JOKE HERE: Matthew Clagg showcases the ICT Fest Bandvan's physical existence by leaning on it. Photo by Torin Andersen


What: ICT Fest Bandvan Fundraiser
Who: Evasive Flowers, Francis Moss, Domestic Drone, Living Ghost, Iron Octomoms, Standing in the Colour, Fairness, Astounding Typo
When: Friday, May 29 @ 6:30
Where: 1320 E. Central
How much: $5

Matthew Clagg, current dean of ICT Fest, is trying something new for Wichita. Clagg wants to make a van available for rent to the music and arts community. What this means for the musical community here, Clagg confirms himself as an altruistic idealist, "ICT Fest got a van; that means you got a van. Need to go out on tour? Need to move gear across town? We want to rent you a van for as cheap as possible. Help us help ICT!"

Deciding not to follow the course of the generations who only spoke of this, Clagg took the initiative (as he's well recognized and respected for) and has already purchased the van for his vision. The van is a 1991 Chevy Van G20. Clagg said, "I've been thinking about it since [2012] and waiting for the opportunity. Earlier this year I found a well taken care of van for sale for $500 and jumped on the opportunity."

How is ICT Fest involved? Clagg continued, "ICT Fest is a community organization. It's completely open to collaboration with any group or individual because one of the principle goals of the fest is to create stronger community connections and to build the creative music in Wichita. Going on tour is difficult when you have to take three cars that you are hoping will make the drive, but touring is vital for bands to improve, see new things, get new ideas and spread the word about the deep music scene we have in Wichita all around the country."

Is it first come first serve? How will band's reserve the van? Clagg explains, "Bands will reserve it through the ICT Fest website or email." Extrapolating on cost Clagg continued, "Pricing is $20 / day or $15 / day for 5+ days. The plan is to keep it as cheap as possible to be a real resource for bands and artists needing to move [art or band gear] either across the town or across the country to promote creative work in Wichita."

Throwing an ICT Fest Bandvan Fundraiser show Friday, May 29 at 1320 E. Central (the location for his proposed new all ages venue (more on that at another date)), Clagg said the funds raised will go towards the initial cost, tags, insurance "and hopefully set something aside for maintenance."

Clagg invited many generous bands to perform in support starting at 6:30 including Evasive Flowers, Domestic Drone, Standing in the Colour and Francis Moss to name a few. Also along in support, local artists including but not limited to, Helen Cruz, Mason Mason, Glen Monigold and Aryn Duncan will be selling their ware during the event. If you're an artist and would like to rent a booth the day of the show you can for only $10.

For those of you familiar with the struggle Wichita musicians have affording a van to go on the road with, this will close the gap for a lot of talent the rest of the world has never seen. Similarly this motion is integral for Wichita to become more of a destination as opposed to a location of departure for fans of music.