Hop Along brings experimental pop

Hop Along brings experimental pop

EVERYBODY'S FAVORITE SECRET: Hop Along, named Local Artist of the Year by the Philidelphia City Paper in 2012, is led by Francis Quinlan. Courtesy photo


Who: Hop Along with Postboy, The Travel Guide, Twin Cities
Where: Lucky's Everyday, 1217 E. Douglas
When: Saturday, AprilĀ 11, 9 p.m.
How much: $8

On Saturday, April 11, Lucky's Everyday is playing host to a what began as an acoustic freak folk solo project by Frances Quinlan and has since been rounded out with a full band that is touring in support of its second full length release. Welcome Philadelphia's Hop Along and its newest record, which will be released on Cinco de Mayo.

Garnering much critical acclaim since its debut full-length release, Get Disowned, Hop Along is fronted by talented songwriting experimentalist Frances Quinlan.

Not afraid to mess around with the pop sensibilities of a good song, Quinlan exerts creative energy on the sometimes formulaic rock song structure. Even lyrically, Quinlan is not afraid to experiment, going from narratives to poems.

Quinlan said in an interview with Die Angry, "My writing is quite all over the place; I'm almost never writing about strictly one subject. It's hard because it's also about the sound of the words as they are being sung; it's listened to much more than it's read on the page."

The band's newest full-length release, Painted Shut, coming out May 5, sees head songwriter Quinlan honing her craft.

David Dye of National Public Radio's "World Cafe" said this about Hop Along's newest release: "Hop Along's power rests squarely on the talents of lead singer and writer Frances Quinlan. Her voice is huge: urgent, dynamic, sometimes harsh but undeniably intense. Get into it and you'll live and die by her reflective, first-person stories in songs like 'Waitress.' The words here stem from places of frustration and occasional darkness, but the music is pure, headlong joy."

Dan Ozzi of Vice wrote, "Naturally, the 'secret' of Hop Along has gradually gotten out over the last few years and by the time they were ready to work on their follow-up sophomore album, Painted Shut, they had a long line of industry suitors, out of which, Omaha indie staple Saddle Creek Records emerged victorious. If the album's first single, 'Waitress,' is any indicator, Saddle Creek got a steal."

The rest of the band is Mark Quinlan (Frances's brother) on drums, Tyler Long on bass and Joe Reinhart on guitar.

It will likely be a capacity crowd on a Saturday night, so get there early in support of Postboy and the busiest band in Wichita, The Travel Guide, which now shares many members with opening band Twin Cities.