Gunshy friend up and rock out

Gunshy friend up and rock out

MOUTH LIKE A RAZOR BLADE: Gunshy's Matt Arbogast growls through the mic. Photo by Alec Jahn

Ending a beautiful Friday evening, people slowly gathered at Lucky's Everyday, most enjoying the patio weather while Ryan Windham setup for sound check in front of the already half loaded in Gunshy.

With eloquent and expressive fingers, Windham is known for his complex writing style. Being a solo musician, some of Windham's songs are layered works utilizing a sampler, and other tunes are fingerstyle gymnastics that easily impressed the audience and got heads bobbing in tempo. Finishing up a little after 11 to a still growing audience, Windham made way for a new-ish band, Darjeeling.

Nick Brown (bass), Mike Adams (guitar and vocals) and Weston Townsley (drums) are familiar with each other, and it shows in their ability to make odd time signatures groove. Sounding like a machine that saw the last of its intended service years ago, Darjeeling refused to stop manufacturing sound; they diced bass chords and angular guitar junkets into fixtures that were never meant to be utilized but now cannot help but be experienced.

In Wichita from a short spring break jaunt, Gunshy hails from Chicago and features songwriter Matt Arbogast and his rotating band members that have included two Wichita rock alumnus over the years.

Wild and full of energy with Rickenbackers, Tele-casters and electric basses flying through the air, Gunshy injected punk style in a vein reminiscent of bar brawl rock. Arbogast belted his tunes in a vocal style akin to Tom Waits towards a newly jovial audience that cheered along to hymns of solitude and potential abandonment. Scarred bass player Jesse Askren flung bottom end with a power second only to the kick drum provided by Andy Sivwright. The camaraderie between Arbogast and guitarist Ryan Ford is visually subtle, but their harmonies were telling. Gunshy plowed through songs like a freight train but with small breaks and much banter in between songs. Gunshy, having returned to Wichita more times than I recall now, still proves the love is thick and fans' enthusiasm is telling of the mutually beneficial relationship Gunshy has always had with ICT.

"We just drove nine hours today, and we are just now awake," Arbogast said. Gunshy ended with an encore in augmented colors of cascading glory leaving a sweet reward for those who stayed late.