Get Hard fails hard in every way

Get Hard fails hard in every way

YEA, THAT'S RIGHT! THAT'S RIGHT! WE BAD!: Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart portray everything that is wrong with American comedy films in Get Hard.


Title: Get Hard
Rating: F1
Short review: An unpleasant premise with inappropriate jokes leaves one puzzled as to why this was made.

Let's see what the movie studios landed on the Recycled Comedic Premise Wheel of Redundancy for this week's review. Ah-ha, looks like we have a pairing of Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart in an outing that deals with an upcoming prison incarnation (directed by never-directed-anything-before director Etan Cohen), and how Ferrell has to spend that 30-day waiting period to deal with life in the slammer with the help of Hart, which of course, sets up various prison rape jokes.

Wow, you'd think it was enough that Rob Schneider's direct-to-video Big Stan had already driven this premise into the ground, but I guess there was a shimmer of hope, right? No, this discussion should have ended as soon as "prison rape" was brought up.

While this has the vibe of a modern blaxplotation comedy that seems to target the most ridiculous stereotypes of what an African-American might think is funny, the handling here is too crass to be funny. Richard Prior and Gene Wilder did this bit in Stir Crazy 35 years ago without being as stupid or racist or homophobic — and it was still stupid, racist and homophobic at points.

There's a reason why Ernest Goes to Jail didn't wander into scenes of sexual acts and prison life. It's simply not funny, and when a film relies on that as its comedic premise and not anything else, then there's going to be a real problem in delivering laughs.

The less said about Get Hard, the better off we all are. This is a prime example of wasted talent and with a subject manner that seems more suited with serious drama than it does comedy. Perhaps keep these "one joke premise" films as internet skits and think of more likeable situations to screen before audiences to make their laughs more deserved next time.