Dead Martin strikes again

Dead Martin strikes again

LOUIE DON'T PLAY DAT: Tim Rogers explains about ducks while Louie looks on. Courtesy photo


What: Dead Martin
When: Final Friday, March 27, 11 p.m.
Where: Roxy's Downtown, 412-1/2 E. Douglas
How much: $10, plus a two-drink minimum

Audience and staff, alike, were both disgusted and enthralled by the appearance of Joyland Louie (a Louie, not the Louie) at last Friday night's production of The Dead Martin Variety Hour at Roxy's Downtown. Said one anonymous participant, "It immediately took me back to a place of childhood terror that I'd repressed for decades. I wanted to vomit right on the stage."

The audience was also jarred by a surprise appearance by Kansas' own Gov. Sam Brownback, who opened the show with an indoctrinated version of the Pledge of Allegiance. The audience was affronted by the reappearance of Danny Lambo, treated to burlesque by Maggie Oh, perplexed by the magic acts of Devin Danger and Tony Cortest (as well as the quacky presentation by Tim Rogers), misinformed by a PSA about vaccinations by Briley Meeks and Dylan Lewis, irked by the persistent Penny Homo, serenaded by an aged Blueish Brothers act and then dazzled by Deathyl Merman.

If that review of Dead Martin's latest revue isn't enough to have you on the phone pre-ordering tickets to next month's edition, Dead Martin Variety Hour #3 (on Final Friday, March 27, 11 p.m.), then perhaps you have a skeleton in the closet — I mean, talent — that you'd like to air at next month's aberration. If so, be sure to contact Don Winsor at ASAP.