Crowd boos Brownback at KU/WSU

Crowd boos Brownback at KU/WSU

For many, the highlight of the KU/WSU game at the NCAA tournament was when the cameras trained on Gov. Sam Brownback and the crowd just booed.

Some have suggested that it was because he was wearing a KU/WSU T-shirt and showing no favorite team. These people would be wrong. He was booed because he's the leading asshole in the state.

Brownback's garb for the afternoon was a pink button-down shirt. The commemorative T-shirt hastily pulled down on top of it was sold at the game and was actually extremely popular with the crowd.

An editorial in The Wichita Eagle suggested that politicians get booed all the time at games, and ridiculously suggested that this was nothing.

People watching the game at Kirby's didn't know the crowd in Omaha was booing because Kirby's was filled with too many boos to hear the TV. There were reports of people in bars in Missouri booing the governor of Kansas while in Nebraska. His unpopularity knows no bounds.