City Unveils Plans For Animatronic Keeper Of The Plains Makeover

City unveils plans for animatronic Keeper of the Plains makeover

New work will offer lectures on the city's history, music

Pieces from the existing statue will be used in conjunction with state of the art animatronics to revitalize the city's symbol.

City representatives unveiled plans at a press conference Tuesday to replace the existing Keeper of the Plains statue with a more modern, animatronic replica. The new statue will be designed by a group of local artists using pieces from the existing statue along with a full suite of servomotor animatronics developed by the Disney corporation. "The old statue was great, it's the symbol of the city," offered Maxwell Caulfield, project lead. "However, no matter how much fire or rock you try to frame it with, it was never going to move. The new Keeper, which we call #KOTP, will be able to perform some of today's hottest dances and sing a full range of songs, replaceable at a moment's notice. Also, on demand, the Keeper will be able to tell historical stories about the city and the natives who first settled the area."

A small demonstration model was shown at the press conference, starting in the well-known Keeper of the Plains pose and quickly moving into a dance while "singing" the Tina Turner hit <i>Proud Mary</i>. The new statue is expected to cost approximately $25 million dollars and will be completed by mid-summer. The project will be funded by a grant from the Disney corporation which stipulates that the statue will publicly perform Disney material for at least two hours a day.

Dismantling of the existing Keeper statue will begin on Thursday as those parts that are to be reused will be shipped to Florida for assembly. Remaining pieces of the existing statue will be offered to the public at auction, likely to become fixtures in restaurants in coffeeshops.