Carson McHone to celebrate Easter with the Haymakers

Carson McHone to celebrate Easter with the Haymakers


Who: Carson McHone; The Haymakers
Where: The Elbow Room, 1507 E. Pawnee
When: Sunday, April 5, at 8 p.m.
How much: $5

Country is not something oft covered in these papers. I do not write much about it because original country music in Wichita is likely being performed at the Intrust Bank Arena. Not many people need filling in on the scoop if the performer is playing a 15,000 seat venue.

Carson McHone, from Austin, is another story. She'll be playing this Easter (Sunday) evening at the Elbow Room, 1507 E. Pawnee. Unlike her pop-country contemporaries, Carson is keeping it simple, telling stories of romance, tales of "Ol' Lucifer" in a confident way, without a sales pitch behind the experience. Content to explore her own experience, McHone is earnest, sincere and passionate about her subjects. With lyrics like "When you leave don't say goodbye to me / don't struggle with the speech or lead a monologue or worries that you sing / the space in between us," McHone isn't breaking any new ground in country subject matter, but she is exploring within that space.

Finding a voice, something she is still practicing, chasing and honing, Carson said in an interview with the Austin Chronicle, "I needed to work out in the world, get a taste of something else, live on my own. I came home, started waiting tables downtown, spent about a year getting lost. Then, when it was time, I went looking for myself. I found myself again through song. In the end, the thing that brings you back to reality is what you grab onto with true passion and respect. That's what writing songs and playing music was for me."

As with any good artist, one hopes to enjoy the journey along with the story teller, and McHone is no exception. She is familiar with the adventure and talented enough for it to translate to audiences.

Being from Austin, I expect McHone to entertain and draw an audience in much like Haymakers who are performing in support of Carson McHone. The Haymakers are comprised of probably over 100 years of performing experience combined. Mark Foley, Ted Farha, Dustin Arbuckle and Tom Page make up the usual quartet — many others have sat in with the group over the last few years. All Wichita proud, the Haymakers are happy to be sharing the stage with a Texas girl and I'm sure all will be wearing their best seasonal pastels to celebrate the holiday.