Basement metal show will be diverse

Basement metal show will be diverse

Tulsa's Iron Born plays feel-good, angry hardcore. Courtesy photo


Who: Iron Born, Inrage, Mammoth and Filius Sol
What: Hardcore house show
When: Monday, April 20, 8 p.m.
Where: South Lulu Temple of Doom, 2650 S. Lulu
How much: $5 suggested donation.

Let's face it: You have nothing to do on 4/20 because no one wants to celebrate Hitler's birthday and because you're clearly a law-abiding citizen. I have solution. Iron Born, Inrage, Mammoth and Filius Sol are playing a tidy little show at 8 p.m. in the South Lulu Temple of Doom, 2650 S. Lulu with a $5 suggested donation. It's a basement show, so bring earplugs, park politely because of neighbors and, above all, respect the house.

Doug Lynn's Filius Sol starts off the locals with a slightly different flavor. He plays some slower shoegaze with loops and '80s vocals. It's nice to see diversity at hardcore shows, so don't be a dick by ignoring this set. Everybody needs some relaxing, ambient sounds every now and then.

Mammoth finishes the locals. It played its first show just about a month ago, so I haven't had a chance to check it out yet. Everything I've heard has been fantastic. The members I know from other bands are pretty rad, too, which bodes well for the music.

Inrage brings some refreshing throwback metalcore from Little Rock, Arkansas. Think late '90s without weird synth parts or the Eurometal influence. There's a little bit of melody, good yelled vocals, solid bassline and the right kind of drumming. Seeing Inrage in a basement is going to make its set 10 times better.

Tulsa's Iron Born rounds out the lineup with some strait-laced dancing tunes. It plays feel-good, angry hardcore. Vocalist Cash has such a great flow that moves you from pit riff to pit riff. You need to check them out on Facebook or Bandcamp before the show, because I can guarantee he's going to be drowned out by the beastly sounds of the other dudes in that basement.

Four bands, super cheap, at a hardcore house show. Seriously, there's nothing better you could be doing. Come out and support your local scene.