Balance and Composure boil down emo to its potentially successful core

Balance and Composure boil down emo to its potentially successful core


Who: Balance and Composure with Divorce Corpse and Kill Vargas
What: All-ages emo / rock / punk
When: Thursday, April 23 @ 7 p.m.
Where: Crown Uptown Theatre, 3207 E. Douglas
How much: $10

Crown Uptown Theatre has changed its format a bit after having some success in live music entertainment. It has scaled back on music theater and set its sights on more event-specific hosting over long theater runs.

Thursday, April 23, Balance and Composure will play the giant sized room just east of Old Town at Douglas and Hillside. Having an all-ages crowd will benefit this band, which is here all the way from Doylestown, Penn. In promotion of its second release, The Things We Think We're Missing, B&C seek to write the indispensable musical soundtrack defining teenage angst. Not unlike what Ratt, Dokken and Winger did with heavy metal, B&C have taken what Anasarca, Glendale and Boy's Life started, stripped it down, tightened their pant cuffs and are attempting to bring it to the masses.

Singing about self-loathing, envy and judgement, B&C feel they must propitiate to the every-teen. Galvanizing their attempt at getting to the youth, the architecture of The Things We Think We're Missing is prime for singles to be peeled from the playlist for radio. With rigorous touring and talon-like vocal hooks, these guys are popular and primed for stardom. See them now before their likely return and ascent to arena status.

In support, Divorce Corpse will bring its Motor Head-meets-Misfits style, self proclaimed "chase-scene" rock. Along with high school punk band who just released their first recording, Kill Vargas, Wichita will be well represented.