Apple WWDC announces big changes if you don't already have them

Apple WWDC announces big changes if you don't already have them

This week, Apple held its annual Worldwide Developers Conference and announced a number of innovative new products that already exist. Apple fans unaware of the existence of things Apple hasn't told them about were quick to offer their credit card number to purchase things other people already had.

Apple Radio, for example, will be the first product to bring streaming radio-style music from the internet (aside from Spotify, Google Music, Pandora, and all of the other services which do that). Or, the actual radio.

The new iOS 9 beta brings the revolutionary ability for iPad users to use more than one app at a time, a revolutionary feature to people who have only ever used an iPad and never any other sort of computing device.

OSX will allow Mac users to effectively use and manage full-screen apps in a way never before seen, except in Windows. And Linux.

Mobile payments will be revolutionized by Apple Pay, which offers retailers the opportunity to turn away the 66% of mobile smartphone users who don't use iPhones or switch out their NFC reader every few minutes, rather than supporting a standardized, open NFC payment system.

Recently, Apple invented the smart watch, providing an alternative to the other smart watches which have been on the market for years and have battery life beyond a single day.

Apple Maps, which just a few years ago revolutionized the tech-industry by hilariously directing people to drive into lakes, will finally include public transit directions, hoping to revolutionize the way people who don't use the more accurate Google Maps get lost on the subway in strange cities.

Steve Jobs' legacy of brilliant, forward-thinking innovation continues to be mercilessly stomped on as Apple executives scour Gizmodo for also-ran ideas that they can put in pretty, Ives-designed aluminum.