10 years of Japanese Game Show to end

10 years of Japanese Game Show to end

The band has decided to quit while the quitting is good.

SWAN SONGS: Japanese Game Show members Eric Price, Caleb Drummond and Jesse Yaeger are happy with what they've done and want to leave it that way. Photo by Torin Andersen


Who: Japanese Game Show with Jeremiah Foundation and Stonebelly
Where: Kirby's Beer Store,
When: Friday, April 3, at 9 p.m.
How much: Free

Kirby's Beer Store has been host to many things, but a band originally from Wichita and celebrating 10 years is a rarity. Japanese Game Show is about to be inducted to that very elite echelon this Friday, April 3. Then they're gonna call it quits.

That's right, this is their farewell show.

And, in support, Jeremiah Foundation will open. Also, all the way from Lincoln, Nebraska, Stonebelly will get the stage hot before JGS close out the night.

Eric Price, Caleb Drummond and Jesse Yaeger started playing together as Injektilo, originally a quartet, and the band changed its name just before Eric Johnson left the band. Continuing as a trio Japanese Game Show lived together while writing and performing.

Price (vocalist, keyboardist and guitarist) said this about early goals for JGS: "The only important part of the plan was to have fun, and we definitely did that, so mission accomplished. We were a complete success, as long as you're measuring that success in life-long friendships formed and amazingly great times."

Drummond (vocalist, keyboardist and bassist) had a slightly more academic approach saying, "My only expectation was to try to work hard to write good songs. The songs got better as the years went on, so I think we accomplished what I hoped for."

Drummond added, "Being on the road with your friends and playing music every night is a dream come true. Those memories will always be with me."

Why are they saying farewell? They're taking a very mature approach, Price said.

"We decided to call it quits and move on really just because … it feels good to move on," Price said. "There is an upside to quitting and there's really an unnecessary taboo associated with that word. Quitting doesn't mean you failed or it's not worth it anymore; it just means there are other things out there to do and experience and sometimes you have to quit one thing to try out a hundred others."

Drummond said, "In the pursuit of happiness, some sacrifices have to be made. This (Wichita) is the only place that any of us have ever called home, and I think that we all want to see what there is for us in this big ole slice of 'Merican pie."

Despite (drummer) Yaeger's silence for the most part, he affirms what the others have said even when Price said this about his time with the group: "There are two things I'll miss the most about the band: Jesse and Caleb. Two of the funniest and most creative dudes I know. Again though, we're not quitting being friends, just this one specific thing we've decided to do together for a long time."

And Drummond continues, "I will miss my friends. Guys I've known and loved for over a decade. Guys that have helped me, not only as a musician, but as a person."

The common respect, appreciation and adoration is as infectious as their grooves.

Expect the classics to be played, and enjoy the fun and generous smiles this Friday. A group hug probably wouldn't be out of the realm of expectation.

Looking to the future Drummond said, "I don't know exactly what everyone is planning. Eric is living in St. Louis. Jesse has decided to stay in Wichita, at least for a little while longer. I have other projects that I am pursuing: The Great Plains, Twin Cities, Pizza Pigs and Russian Leg Sweep." Not sure if the last one was a joke, I asked Price to weigh in, "I am in St. Louis now like Caleb said. I'm debating between becoming a full-time pet massage-therapist or part-time beet/potato farmer. We shall see." This one seems a lot more like a joke. No matter, it's about the party this weekend and Japanese Game Show is gonna bring it with 10 years experience and charm enough to give it a proper farewell. Thanks for the decade of jammage.