by Bill Jenkins | Thursday, January 22 | Posted in View

As events unfolded in Paris a week or two ago, the media referred to Islamic terrorists or Islamist terrorists so frequently that the phrase stuck in my mind. I began to ruminate on the attachment of a religion to any other criminals. Have we heard lately of any Hindu terrorists? Or Buddhist terrorists? How about Christian terrorists?

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by Mike Marlett | Thursday, January 22 | Posted in Arts

Beginning this Final Friday, Jan. 30, Roxy's Downtown will play host to a new monthly late-night event called "The Dead Martin Variety Hour," a show created and "sort of co-produced" by Don Winsor. Yes, that Don Winsor, the one found in these pages, who has spent a great deal of his life travelling the world as an actor and singer in shows like Mamma Mia and Les Miserables. Don and Roxy's have spent the last month looking for whatever unique acts could throw together five minutes of material.

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Evan Roth show takes a whimsical look at serious modern issues.

Thursday, January 22 | Posted in Arts

The Ulrich Museum of Art at Wichita State University will open the Evan Roth//Intellectual Property Donor exhibition Jan. 24. This show occupies an irregular zone at the intersection of free culture and popular culture, where viral media meets art and graffiti connects with technology.

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by Don Winsor | Thursday, January 22 | Posted in View

The world of modern investing is difficult to understand. The adaptations that will be required of everyone, relatively soon, to become comfortable with the use of digital currency, NFC payments and Google Munny are hard to wrap your head around. It's hard for even the most expert currency analysts to wrap their heads around Bitcoin, and carrying around that conventional paper money in your pocket just makes you look like an old, tired grandfather desperate to find a place to soak his dentures while he gums down some lead-filled tapioca.

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by Jeremy Webster | Thursday, January 22 | Posted in Film

Starry Eyes is the sort of low budget independent horror feature that shows why, when the right passion and the talent align on a project, the results can be amazing.

Co-directed and co-written by Kevin Kolsch and Dennis Widmyer, the film follows Sarah (Alexandra Essoe), a young would-be starlet in L.A. as she's approached with what seems to be an opportunity of a lifetime — if she's willing to put herself through some very hellish things to get there.

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by Torin Andersen | Thursday, January 22 | Posted in Music

Floating in like a traveler upon a snowflake, Treehugger, is subtle despite its impressive line-up of contributing artists.

The album is 2015's newest release from Francis Moss on Air House Records.

Sticking with the now-familiar use of classical guitar for the majority of the instrumentation on Treehugger, guitarist and composer David Lord (a.k.a. Francis Moss) has crafted a patient, confident and prepared pulse that maintains throughout the 11 song, almost-20-minute-long release.

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by Dan Kampling | Thursday, January 22 | Posted in Film

In this day in age, it's downright astonishing to see a non-tent-pole movie reach a $100 million opening weekend. This record-setting feat was accomplished over the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day weekend with the nationwide release of American Sniper, based on the life of Iraqi war veteran Chris Kyle, dubbed the most lethal sniper in U.S. military history.

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by Jeremy Webster | Thursday, January 22 | Posted in Film

On Sunday night the chairs and booths at John Barleycorn's were filled by horror and independent film fans who'd come to experience Starry Eyes.

A low budget, independent horror darling with a solid 76 percent fresh rating at, Starry Eyes was well-attended by a respectfully quiet and appreciative audience.

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by Don Winsor | Thursday, January 22 | Posted in Food

While I do appreciate a well-crafted coffee that requires patience and attention to create, I also have owned a Keurig and a Tassimo because they were convenient and novel. The Keurig I dropped because I could never get the quality I wanted, the Tassimo discs simply stopped being as readily available. Both purchases were in lieu of the single-serving coffee machine that even many coffee snobs agree is at least "not bad," the Nespresso.

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by Vickie Kline | Thursday, January 22 | Posted in Food

There was an interview with Meghan Trainor on NPR recently and now her song is stuck in my head. As irritating as this is, it gives me a good topic for discussion. For Meghan, it's all about the bass, and for wine drinkers, it's all about the glass. Before you start shaking your head, booing or hissing, let me explain. The shape of a glass changes the taste of wine and our experience when we drink it, meaning there is a reason for varying wine glass sizes and shapes.

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To the Editor:

In his recent column concerning the "post-Christian rant," Bill Jenkins lists some religious groups who have worked on behalf of causes, mostly relating to civil rights. He also makes note of religious groups that oppose abortion rights. I would like to add to his list religious groups that support those rights.

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The skinny on your week

by Diviner Mme Zanzibird | Thursday, January 22 | Posted in Amuse
  • Aries: (March 21 — April 19)
    Week rating: F2
    All you need to perk up is a new velour sweatsuit. This week: Don't let the bastards grind you down.
  • Taurus: (April 20 — May 20)
    Week rating: F4
    The time has come to adopt a cat. This week: Drink with a friend and listen to old country music.
  • Gemini: (May 21 — June 21)
    Week rating: F3
    Journalist Brian Williams will actually follow up on the news tip you left him last month. This week: Make sure everything you say is on the record.
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    by Gustavo Arellano | Thursday, January 22 | Posted in Amuse

    Dear Mexican: I have a hard time believing that the immigrants we see at Home Depot are the best Mexico has to offer. Why can't we entice more of the cream of the crop of Mexicans to come up north? (Mexico has the richest man in the world, so someone has to be doing something right.) Are the laws just fucked up, or are these people better off staying? It couldn't hurt the other immigrants if we had more well-educated immigrants messing up our stereotypes.

    — We Can't Do Better?

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    by Jeremy Webster | Monday, January 19 | Posted in News

    Marchers, musicians and concerned citizens are invited to take part in a funeral procession style march in Wichita to protest and raise awareness of the fifth anniversary of the Supreme Court's decision in the Citizens United case.

    The funeral procession theme is intended to represent the death of democracy due to the Citizens United decision.

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    by Mike Marlett | Thursday, January 15 | Posted in View

    I am Charlie Hebdo.

    By that, I mean that until terrorists broke into the French newspaper's offices and killed 10 of its staffers and two policemen outside, I'd never heard of it. And, honestly, it routinely publishes way more offensive things than anything I'd normally publish. It publishes things I flatly and loudly disagree with and even despise. I'm not literally Charlie Hebdo, but only Charlie Hebdo is literally Charlie Hebdo.

    I am Larry Flynt, too.

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    by Don Winsor | Thursday, January 15 | Posted in View

    In the long course of human history, before we all had phones in our pockets, you would call someone and either speak to them, leave a message with either a machine or a person or know you needed to call back later. When I first lived in New York in the 1990s, pretty much everyone had an answering service. This was something you could call from a pay phone, and if it rang (i.e. didn't immediately pick up) you could hang up and get your quarter back, because that meant you didn't have a message. If you had a message, you took it down and called the person back.

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    How could this happen to us?

    by Eleonore Verfaillie | Thursday, January 15 | Posted in View

    Editor's note: Eleonore Verfaillie is a native of France and former F5 contributor and Wichitan who now lives in Cincinnati.

    The terrorist attack on French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo happened in my country, in my city, in the very neighborhood I lived for years. It's a nice neighborhood, pretty central, with a ton of cafes, restaurants, shops, movie theaters and farmers' markets several times a week. This is where guys with assault weapons killed a dozen people.

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    by Bill Jenkins | Thursday, January 15 | Posted in View

    An old friend stopped by last week. I mean a very old friend. We were in graduate school together in 1966 and '67. I hadn't seen her since then though we had communicated occasionally since she found herself in Kansas City the last four or five years. Prior to that, she had lived in 20 or so cities around the country. Then, it was just Christmas cards.

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    by Don Winsor | Thursday, January 15 | Posted in Food

    I lived in and around Italy in 2012. While I love the country and learned many things, a component of my time there was some reinforcement of my mantra "stereotypes exist because enough people behave stereotypically." Thus it is no surprise that while they did send their first female astronaut, Samantha Cristoforetti, into space in November, they sent her there to cook.

    OK, that's not exactly true, but they did send her with a cooking implement — the first zero-gravity certified espresso maker.

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    by Vickie Kline | Thursday, January 15 | Posted in Food

    When my husband and I met and began dating, it was also the beginning of our wine journey. We would spend evenings playing gin rummy and sipping wine. I think we felt sophisticated coming home after work, having a glass of wine while making dinner and discussing our day. After dinner we would carry our glasses to the front porch and get out the deck of cards. It wasn't all that exciting, but it worked for us at the time.

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