by Michael Carmody | Thursday, November 20 | Posted in Culture

In 1991-92, this author lived in a tiny apartment on the backside of the carriage house of an 1870s-era manor at 1725 Fairmount. Known to locals as the Funeral Home (due to a prank that had taken place some years before), this ramshackle Victorian house had been divided up into a dozen or so cheap apartments, most of which were occupied at any given time by students and/or dropouts and/or bartenders from the nearby Kirby's Beer Store.

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by Dan Kampling | Thursday, November 20 | Posted in Film

It's hard to believe that it was 20 years ago when Jim Carrey became an instant superstar with his triple threat of Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, The Mask and Dumb & Dumber. Carrey participated in all but one of the follow-ups to these films, stating that he doesn't enjoy reprising previous roles.

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by Gustavo Arellano | Thursday, November 20 | Posted in Amuse

Dear Mexican: Why do Mexicans and gabachos resemble each other so much? Both are very conservative about sex, marriage and family. Both are very Christian, either Catholic or Protestant. Both keep similar attitudes towards immigrants. Both are very patriotic or nationalistic. Both deal with the same social issues like high rates of sexual and domestic abuse, alcoholism and homosexuality. In both countries, there's a strong feminism as a reaction against decades of machismo and discrimination towards women. There is a striking similarity between Texan cowboys and rancheros.

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by Jeremy Biltz | Wednesday, November 19 | Posted in Books

The name Woody Allen evokes a host of reactions. Whether you see him as an uncompromising auteur, the ne plus ultra of Jewish comedians, or the ogre that Mia Farrow would have you believe him to be, it's hard to avoid having a pre-conceived notion of what Allen is all about. The fact that he's been making about a movie per year for 40 years certainly provides a lot of material from which to form an opinion. Myself, I've never cared for him as an artist, and haven't even managed to sit through an entire Allen film. So why am I reviewing a book about Woody Allen's work?

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Wednesday, November 19 | Posted in View


To the Editor:

Most of the violence in Mexico between drug cartels is due to easy access to guns sold in the United States, particularly in Arizona and Texas. Gun dealers know this but sell them the guns anyway.

In early 2006, the US Justice Department launched a new program called Wide Receiver because they were able to get a few of these gun dealers to work with them. Many, however, refused. The idea was to track guns sold in this country back to the drug lords living across the border and then apprehend them.

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by Elizabeth Jackel | Wednesday, November 19 | Posted in Food

When the onslaught of pumpkin beers first marched through town, I considered addressing the tide of spiced autumnal ales. But with temperatures hovering in the high 90s and market bins bursting with the green, striped, summery member of the Cucurbitaceae family, I just couldn't bring myself to utter the words "pumpkin beer," much less drink them.

In the interim, I have sipped some squash-based beers, but what's to say? Most are a variation on the same theme with few real standouts. Instead, let's talk about another fermented fall beverage: cider.

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by Bill Jenkins | Wednesday, November 19 | Posted in View

The local elections are over, and the people have spoken. They didn't like the sales tax, and they killed it. It was too complex, covered too many areas and, they believed, would never go away. So now the city leaders must go back to the drawing board to fund solutions to our problems in some other way.

One problem with the blueprint was that it proposed local solutions for what are essentially regional problems. For most of the four areas, the problems involve several governmental entities including but not limited to the city, the county and lots of suburban municipalities.

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The skinny on your week

by Diviner Mme Zanzibird | Wednesday, November 19 | Posted in Amuse
  • Aries: (March 21 — April 19)
    Week rating: F4
    It's your fate to start a big project in a small organization. This week: Plant coffee trees.
  • Taurus: (April 20 — May 20)
    Week rating: F3
    You will be the last person ever to pay for something with a check. This week: Carve a set of wooden shoes for a loved one.
  • Gemini: (May 21 — June 21)
    Week rating: F5
    It's OK to take relationship advice from parking attendants. This week: Give the folks at Lamphouse Photo Company hugs when you see them.
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    by Don Winsor | Wednesday, November 19 | Posted in View

    I'm sometimes taken aback when talking with people who don't recognize cultural touchstones which might be "before their time." Maybe growing up when I did informed my pop culture database through the viewing of incessant reruns of TV shows of all eras, making me understand the references Lucy and Desi would make as readily as I understood who IG-88 and Bossk were.

    It doesn't happen as readily, anymore.

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    by Jeremy Webster | Wednesday, November 19 | Posted in Film

    While strolling through the Christmas ornaments in Target, a display featuring boxes of cheap-looking character tree danglies from the Disney Princess, Star Wars and Marvel Comics sharing the same basic package design and all sitting on the same display gave me a momentary chill.

    All of it, save for a couple of renegade holdover film franchises, (X-Men, Spider-Man) are in the hands of the big bloated mouse.

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    by Vickie Kline | Wednesday, November 19 | Posted in Food

    The truth is I like to select and purchase a wine according to the look of the label.

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    by Dan Kampling | Thursday, November 13 | Posted in Film

    Michael Keaton is the embodiment of a tour de force actor, who has portrayed a wide variety of roles that have stretched over the last three decades. For this past decade, Keaton hasn't headlined a film, leaving us clamoring for his eventual comeback film, and it has definitely been worth the wait for Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance).

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    by Jeremy Webster | Thursday, November 13 | Posted in Film

    With Interstellar, director Christopher Nolan (The Dark Knight Trilogy; Inception) was, to use the obvious line, aiming for the stars. That epic aspiration does bear some fruit throughout the nearly three hour running time of this science fiction epic, though its final act crashes back down to Earth with a resounding, inexplicable thud.

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    by Bill Jenkins | Thursday, November 13 | Posted in View

    You may rely on a calendar, but I don't have to look to know when winter is coming. Here are my 10 signs:

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    by Vickie Kline | Thursday, November 13 | Posted in Food

    Last Saturday, it turned rather chilly for the first time this year. The days of stepping out the back door and pulling some fresh herbs or greens from the garden are gone. Every plant has been pulled and replaced with dirt from the compost pile. Winter is on its way.

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    by Don Winsor | Thursday, November 13 | Posted in View

    F5's usual deadline is Sunday night at 11:59 p.m., which is well in advance of Tuesday's elections and even further in advance of Thursday's publication. Due to that timing, as I write this I have no sure idea who will emerge victorious in the state's gubernatorial election, and so this column will have to serve as our reaction to a win by either side.

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    by Torin Andersen | Thursday, November 13 | Posted in Music

    Raised in a musical family and trained from an early age on classical piano, former Miss Kansas, Emily Strom, discovered her need to pursue jazz in college. Her debut release, Waltz in the Dark, is a 10 song exploration of an artist wedding those two influences and even borrowing from some rock bands that have inspired her along the way.

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    by Dan Kampling | Thursday, November 13 | Posted in Film

    Any photojournalist will tell you that timing is everything when it comes to their craft. That perfect shot can't last forever, and it's up to them to catch it just in time to make the news beat. It's a fiercely competitive field, not just with differing news outlets, but with freelancers who can often be at the on the scene first hand. The new thriller, Nightcrawler, from writer-director Dan Gilroy, centers on these types of photographers who gather and sell footage to news networks, no matter the cost of life.

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    by Mike Marlett | Thursday, November 13 | Posted in Music

    The Terry Quiett Band will perform a special concert at 7:30 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 8, at the Crown Uptown Theatre, 3207 E. Douglas. The night will feature three sets: acoustic, power trio and big band. This will be a show from him like he has never done before.

    Quiett, a Winfield native who played Wichita extensively early in his career, has been touring nationally and has shared the stage and toured with such legends as Buddy Guy, Robert Cray, B.B. King, Jonny Lang, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Edgar Winter, Tab Benoit, Big Head Todd and the Monsters and .38 Special.

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    by Torin Andersen | Thursday, November 13 | Posted in Music

    Thursday, Oct. 30 saw one of KNOBs biggest crowds show up early and stay late for all three performers. Opening, Francis Moss (David Lord) played through a few short solo guitar pieces announced dryly from the stage. Getting up in between each piece to talk into the microphone, Lord elicited oddly aimed laughter after each song announcement. The sound was sometimes jazz, sometimes abstract harmony but didn't feature the multitude of effects and loops normally present in a Francis Moss set.

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