by Michael Carmody | Thursday, September 11 | Posted in Culture

In the last edition of Wichitarchaeology, we discussed the origin of the name of Bleckley Street, christened in honor of fallen World War I hero Erwin R. Bleckley of Wichita. This week we continue the theme with a look into how Hoover Road got its name.

In 1869, a year before Wichita was incorporated as a city, 25-year-old Samuel Henry Hoover and his brother Daniel migrated to this area from Bloomington, Illinois. With them came their wives, Eliza and Sarah, and a brother-in-law, John Teter.

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Wait, no, it wasn't like that at all.

by Torin Andersen | Thursday, September 11 | Posted in Music

"So what do you do when a major electrical crisis happens at your venue (Parker's Grotto) the day before the event you've spent a year planning? KEEP HAVING FUN," an announcement read from the ICTfest main website the day the festival was set to begin.

Acting fast, promoter Matthew Clagg had help from many friends finding new locations to continue the event.

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And Solagget returns after a long absence.

by Torin Andersen | Thursday, September 11 | Posted in Music

When was the last time you saw a Czech band perform in Wichita? Yeah, neither have I. Here's our chance. This Saturday, Sept. 13, DVA will be playing at Fisch Haus with Solagget and Francis Moss, and it will be an all-ages event.

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by Jeremy Webster | Thursday, September 11 | Posted in Film

As another "blockbuster" summer movie season ends, Hollywood studios and press bemoan suffering a far less blockbuster summer than usual.

On the whole, the numbers back them up. According to The Hollywood Reporter, summer revenue is down 15 percent from last year and has reached an eight-year low. There is, of course, plenty of debate over what's caused this, with issues ranging from too much of the same stuff repackaged to too much piracy over the interweb tubes.

So, what lessons can be learned from the summer box office?

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by Don Winsor | Thursday, September 11 | Posted in View

We've all had conversations at some point revolving the general concept, "when I have kids, I won't allow them _____________ until they're at least ____________," because there's clearly no need for a child to have a ___________ because we got along just fine without them.

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by Vickie Kline | Thursday, September 11 | Posted in Food

"Wine is inspiring and adds greatly to the joy of living." — Napoleon Bonaparte

I was ready to take Napoleon at his word and experience some "joy of living" from a glass. Anxious to try this new wine, I was impressed with the look of the Cabernet Sauvignon from the moment it left the bottle and flowed into my glass. The striking rich color of ink indicated it would be a treat. The legs of the wine clung to the side of my glass like nothing commonly seen in the $12 range.

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by Bill Jenkins | Thursday, September 11 | Posted in View

Here it is the middle of September, and I should be busy with lots of productive things. Setting up camp at Winfield, for instance. Or tightening up my presentations on the Renaissance for my class at Butler. Or mowing the lawn. But instead, I am waxing nostalgic.

It could have something to do with the fact that I turn 70 years old this week. When I was a kid, 70 was ancient. Back then, anyone over about 40 was old. But then, a lot has changed since I was a kid.

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by Dan Kampling | Thursday, September 11 | Posted in Film

For many filmmakers, a project all starts with a question. The question that arose for this week's film review was, "What if Elvis Presley's twin brother didn't die as a baby?" That is the notion explored in The Identical, which wasn't expected to be a top draw at the box office, but is being undeservingly slammed critically.

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by Erik Mallory | Thursday, September 11 | Posted in Music

I strolled into Spektrum Music last week on a late Saturday afternoon to pick up an album I'd ordered a few weeks back. On the platter was some great '60s-sounding psychedelic rock. I flipped though the used bins, paying more attention to what I was hearing than what I was looking at. I asked Adam Phillips who he was playing, and it was the new Ty Segall album, Manipulator.

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Dear Editor:

When Governor Sam Brownback signed a bill back in 2012 ridding most Kansas businesses of having to pay any state income taxes, his plan was to help pay for it by denying expanded Medicaid health care benefits to about 75,000 low-income Kansans. To help pad this plan even further, he has not only denied these people of health care coverage, but has raised their taxes as well.

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by Gustavo Arellano | Thursday, September 11 | Posted in Amuse

Dear Mexican: The Mexican-American community is the most adversely affected by the influx of illegals. Only the politicians have anything to gain from lumping all Hispanics into the Latino category. Are proud, hardworking Mexican-Americans actually willing to continually diminish their own children's American future purely to facilitate the radical Chicano politician's dream of a fearful, disjointed, Third World California? So far, the racist Chicano politicians are succeeding at making fools of the Mexican-American community. Where is the outrage?

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The skinny on your week

by Diviner Mme Zanzibird | Thursday, September 11 | Posted in Amuse
  • Aries: (March 21 — April 19)
    Week rating: F2
    Since the State Fair is ending soon, eat three Pronto Pups a day to make the fun last. This week: Skip the Tilt-o-Whirl.
  • Taurus: (April 20 — May 20)
    Week rating: F3
    The best thing you will read all week is a technical manual. This week: Take a walk on down to the library.
  • Gemini: (May 21 — June 21)
    Week rating: F3
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    It's already in your iTunes library. Just download it.

    by Mike Marlett | Tuesday, September 9 | Posted in Music

    Today, U2 and Apple announced the release of Songs of Innocence, U2's 13th studio album. For free.

    iTunes users just need to download the album from iCloud — it has already been added to all 500 million iTunes users' libraries. Apple says that it is a record-setting number of people owning one album. Michael Jackson's 1982 album Thriller is the current best-selling album of all time with 42.4 million certified copies sold.

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    Prepare to get band-fever and one of the worst bangovers of your life.

    by Torin Andersen | Thursday, September 4 | Posted in Music

    Fans of do-it-yourself music festivals are excited for this year's ICTfest and are looking forward to the always-eclectic and sometimes-gritty, up-close-and-personal live music performances that the fest is known for. At the helm again, Matthew Clagg has taken ICTfest to several different venues since taking over booking but has decided to stay at Parker's Grotto in Delano for a second year. (An electrical problem on Thursday afternoon forced last-minute venue changes. Thursday's lineup will play at Lucky's Everyday, 1217 E. Douglas. Friday's and Saturday's events will be at 622 S.

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    by Torin Andersen | Thursday, September 4 | Posted in Music

    Some big names are coming to town over the next few months, and we have many promoters to thank for working together to make it happen.

    Fine Swine Productions, HaverHill Studios, Naymlis and Buffalo Productions all sound a bit big and formal, but it's just a handful of individuals behind them that get these musical acts to town. Joining forces is not something rare for these fellas — Kenny Ballinger, Alex Thomas, Kyle Dick and Jared Parson are making a more concerted effort to use their synergy to up the ante and bring bigger live performances to Wichita.

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    by Dan Kampling | Thursday, September 4 | Posted in Film

    The 1970s were a dark time for New York City, which is reflected in the cinema of the time. Unless it was a Woody Allen or Neil Simon film, it was guaranteed that The Big Apple was depicted as a cesspool of criminals lurking from the subways to Central Park, ready to pounce at every corner.

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    by Don Winsor | Thursday, September 4 | Posted in View

    On Sunday, Aug. 31, a hacker began to release hundreds of private nude photos stolen from the iCloud accounts of over 100 celebrities. After holding out for a ransom to give other readers a peek (4chan is a troubling place; do not go there), the original source earned the probably very disappointing sum of $95 in Bitcoin before releasing so very many nakeds into the wilds of the internet.

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    by Bill Jenkins | Thursday, September 4 | Posted in View

    A couple of decades ago, I spent a couple of weeks working on an elephant habitat study in Botswana. One day, along the Zambezi River, I was looking across to the Namibian panhandle at a group of elephants. It was a breeding herd made up of cows and calves. I looked away for a couple of minutes to take notes, and then I heard a loud but dull thud. Looking back, I saw the dominant cow standing over a young male. He had been picking on one of the younger calves, and Big Mama had charged over and broadsided him.

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    by Don Winsor | Thursday, September 4 | Posted in Food

    For years, the privileged few were aware of a special coffee too expensive and rare for the masses. Called "Kopi Luwak," this coffee was, shall we say, "refined" in the bellies of Indonesian civets (a sort of monkey/cat thing) and deposited on the forest floors, gathered by harvesters and sold for fantastical amounts.

    People paid a lot of money for this monkey poo coffee. There are reasons why this actually works, why the coffee is good, and why this makes some kind of sense, but I won't go into those just now.

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    by Jeremy Webster | Thursday, September 4 | Posted in Film

    Another month, another "found-footage" horror film.

    This time out, it's As Above, So Below, which finds a group of young scientists and urban explorers encountering a myriad of horrors deep in the catacombs beneath Paris. While the film certainly packs a lot of scares and magnificent atmosphere, its overcomplicated plot and piling up of threats both supernatural and mundane keep it from being a totally satisfactory experience.

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